Immunolocalization of CTGF in bone


Figure: Immunolocalization of CTGF in bone.
(A-C) Immunohistochemistry of CTGF in proximal tibial metaphysis of 2 week-old normal rats. The reaction product has a brown color and all sections were lightly counterstained with hematoxylin. (A) Section representing a control in which the primary antibody was pre-adsorbed with the immunizing peptide; note the absence of any reaction product. Medium (B) and high (C) power photomicrographs of sections incubated with anti-CTGF antibody (CTGF-243). Note the reaction product is predominantly associated with rows of osteoblasts (arrows) lining the bone (b); reaction product can also be observed in some osteocytes, a few cells located in the marrow (m) or intertrabecular spaces, and endothelial cells lining vascular channels (v). (D) Immunofluorescent localization of CTGF in fracture callus. Section from site of active osteogenesis showing intense immunofluorescent signal in plump, cuboidal osteoblasts (arrows) lining the spicules of newly formed bone (b). Magnifications: A & B = X250; C & D = X600.