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Thomas MarinoThomas Marino, PhD


Professor. Anatomy and Cell Biology

Telephone:  215-707-3704

Fax:  215-707-2966

Email: marino@temple.edu




Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology


Educational Background:


Brown University, Providence, RI

BS, Biology


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA,

PhD, Anatomy


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Research Interests:


Dr. Marino has recently been focusing his research on the bioethics involving the beginning of life debate.  He has written several articles on the role of scientists and as well as the role of language in this debate


Dr. Marino has been actively involved in the scholarship of teaching. He has published a number of articles on revising the classroom to help students learn.  He has also published a book called Classrooms Without Fear in which he elaborates on his teaching philosophy that true learning can occur only in the absence of fear. Dr. Marino has explored ways in which technology can be used by teachers to help their students learn. One of the ways he has done this is to develop The Embryology Collaborative which is a website designed to help students who are learning about human development.

The Embryology Collaborative can be found at:



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selected Publications:


Marino, T.A. (2009)

The Influence of Language on the Beginning of Life Debate. In The Penn Center Guide to Bioethics, ed., V. Ravitsky, A. Fiester, and A. L. Caplan. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company


Marino, T.A. (2008)

Hopefuls take different paths on abortion. Philadelphia Inquirer, July 17, 2008.



Caplan A. and T. A. Marino (2007)

The Role of Scientists in the Beginning of Life Debate; A 25 Year Retrospective.  Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 50: 603 – 613. http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/perspectives_in_biology_and_medicine/



T.A. Marino (2001)

Classrooms Without Fear New Forums Press, Inc. Stillwater Oklahoma


T.A. Marino (2001)

Lessons Learned: Do You Have To Bleed At The Bleeding Edge? The Technology Source. July/August.


T. A. Marino (2000)

Using Technology to Create a Safe, Humanistic Classroom. Blackboard Resources, Articles and Events, July 2000.


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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

21037403. Marino TA, Embryology and disorders of sexual development. Perspect Biol Med 53:4(481-90)2010 Autumn

20582824. Marino T, Sexual dimorphism and sexual intermediaries. Am J Bioeth 10:7(24-5)2010 Jul

18759179. Marino TA, Natural embryo loss--a missed opportunity. Am J Bioeth 8:7(25-7; discussion W1-3)2008 Jul

8837726. Marino TA, Cao W, Lee J, Courtney R, Localization of proliferating cell nuclear antigen in the developing and mature rat heart cell. Anat Rec 245:4(677-84)1996 Aug

1718625. Marino TA, Haldar S, Williamson EC, Beaverson K, Walter RA, Marino DR, Beatty C, Lipson KE, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen in developing and adult rat cardiac muscle cells. Circ Res 69:5(1353-60)1991 Nov

1828654. Marino TA, Cassidy M, Marino DR, Carson NL, Houser S, Norepinephrine-induced cardiac hypertrophy of the cat heart. Anat Rec 229:4(505-10)1991 Apr

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1969403. Marino TA, Walter RA, Cobb E, Palasiuk M, Parsons T, Mercer WE, Effects of norepinephrine on neonatal rat cardiocyte growth and differentiation. In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26:3 Pt 1(229-36)1990 Mar

2816781. Marino TA, Walter RA, D'Ambra K, Mercer WE, Effects of catecholamines on fetal rat cardiocytes in vitro. Am J Anat 186:2(127-32)1989 Oct

3425741. Marino TA, Kuseryk L, Lauva IK, Role of contraction in the structure and growth of neonatal rat cardiocytes. Am J Physiol 253:6 Pt 2(H1391-9)1987 Dec

3310564. Keller BB, Mehta AV, Shamszadeh M, Marino TA, Sanchez GR, Huff DS, Dunn JM, Oncocytic cardiomyopathy of infancy with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and ectopic foci causing tachydysrhythmias in children. Am Heart J 114:4 Pt 1(782-92)1987 Oct

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Temple University School of Medicine

Histology, 1975

Neuroanatomy, 1976

Gross Anatomy for Medical Students,  1976

Gross Anatomy for PT & OT Students, 1977

University of Kansas Medical Center

Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapists (Course Director), 1978 - 1979

Temple University School of Medicine

Gross Anatomy for Medical Students, 1980 - 1998

Embryology for Medical Students, 1980 - present

Summer Educational Reinforcement Activity, 1982 - 1995

Intellectual Heritage, 1992 - 1993

Medical Histology, 1994 - 2000, 2003 - present

Neuroanatomy for Medical Students, 1995 - present

Developmental Biology, 1996 - 1998

General and Oral Histology, 1998 - present

Neuroanatomy for Podiatry Students, 1999 - 2002

Podiatry Histology, 2003 - present

Neuroanatomy for Dental Students, 2004 - present

Temple University School of Medicine

Summer Educational Reinforcement Activity (Director), 1982 - 1988

Medical Embryology (Co-director), 1991 - 1992

Medical Embryology (Director), 1993 - present

Medical Histology (Co-director), 1998 - 1999, 2000

General and Oral Histology (Director), 1998 - present

Dental Neuroanatomy (Director), 2004


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