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Keith Latham, PhDKeith Latham, PhD


Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry

Additional Web Sites: www.lathamlab.org, www.preger.org,



Department of Biochemistry


Educational Background:


University of Virginia


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Research Interests:


My research focuses on understanding the remarkable properties of the mammalian oocyte, which exists as a highly differentiated cell type endowed with the unique capacity for creating an embryonic genome from the two terminally differentiated gamete genomes, activating that embryonic genome, and regulating its function during much of the preimplantation period. My research seeks to understand these fundamental, life-generating processes at the molecular level, by employing a combination of microsurgery, quantitative gene expression analyses, and structural studies. My research program is comprised of several NIH-funded research programs, focused on the following areas:

  • Understanding the mechanisms of nuclear reprogramming in cloned embryos made by nuclear transfer and in normal fertilized embryos. Systems genetics has revealed novel candidates of key oocyte factors with essential roles in the cloning process.
  • Understanding the mechanisms regulating cell death in the newly fertilized embryo.
  • Understanding the potential effect of assisted reproduction technologies on progeny.
  • Understanding determinants of oocyte quality.
  • Understanding the roles of follicular cells in developing high quality oocytes. Recent studies revealed a surprising reversion of cumulus cells to a granulosa cell phenotype.
  • Understanding the composition and molecular controls of meiotic spindles.
  • Understanding effects of environmental toxin exposures on long-term phenotype.
  • The continued development of a National Resource for the study of gene expression and regulation in non-human primate embryos.
  • Additional studies related to the control of gene transcription in the newly fertilized embryo are also ongoing.

Recently, the Latham lab, in collaboration with the Merali lab, performed a proteomics analysis, comparing normal mouse oocyte MII stage meiotic spindles and spindles that form after somatic cell nuclear transfer for cloning, to identify protein defects. Clathrin heavy chain (CLTC) was identified as a major deficiency in cloned embryo spindles. Knockdown of CLTC in GV stage oocytes resulted in chromosome congression defects upon maturation, and conversely enhancing CLTC expression in clones reduced congression defects.




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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

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