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Steven R. Houser, PhD, FAHAsteven r houser, phd, faha


Senior Associate Dean, Research

Vera J. Goodfriend Endowed Chair, Cardiovascular Research

Director, Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC)

Chair and Professor, Physiology

Professor, Medicine

Telephone: 215-707-3278

Fax: 215-707-0170

Office: MERB 1041

Email: srhouser@temple.edu


Dean's Staff

Department of Physiology

Cardiovascular Research Center


Educational Background:



BA, Biology and Chemistry, Eastern College 


PhD, Physiology, Temple University School of Medicine


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cardiology, Temple University School of Medicine

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Research Interests:


The research in the Houser laboratory is focused on those processes that maintain the electrical and contractile properties of the normal heart and the defects in these processes that lead to electrical instability (arrhythmias and sudden death) and poor cardiac pump performance congestive heart failure). We are currently continuing our studies of the determinants of cellular electrical and mechanical defects in diseased cardiac myocytes. In addition, we are exploring the idea that a major factor that determines the overall state of cardiac myocyte function is a balance between new myocyte formation (cardiac regeneration) and programmed myocyte death (apoptosis).


Our cell physiology studies are exploring the idea that activation of Ca2+ dependent signaling pathways (mainly through CAMKII) regulate Ca2+ handling proteins in diseased myocytes. We have developed techniques in live cells to track Ca2+ dependent activation of NFAT and are characterizing the associated alterations in cell function. These studies are being performed in collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Molkentin at the University of Cincinnati. The second and third areas of new research are centered on the new idea that there is myocyte turnover in the adult heart. Therefore, we are studying the factors that regulate cell death (mainly through apoptosis, with Dr. Richard Kitsis) and new myocyte formation (via cardiac progenitor cells, with Drs Annarosa Leri and Piero Anversa). We have identified cardiac stem/progenitor cells in feline and human hearts and plan for a rapid expansion of this novel (and controversial) area. We will specifically explore the hypothesis that hypertrophy in response to pressure overload involves new myocyte formation in addition to enlargement of terminally differentiated myocytes. Our newest data shows that expression of T-type Ca2+ channels is linked to differentiation of cardiac stem cells into new cardiac myocytes. Ca2+ influx through these channels also appears to be linked to proliferation of new myocytes.


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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

26486160. Chirico EN, Ding D, Muthukumaran G, Houser SR, Starosta T, Mu A, Margulies KB, Libonati JR, Acute aerobic exercise increases exogenously infused bone marrow cell retention in the heart. Physiol Rep 3:10()2015 Oct

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21746883. Irrinki KM, Mallilankaraman K, Thapa RJ, Chandramoorthy HC, Smith FJ, Jog NR, Gandhirajan RK, Kelsen SG, Houser SR, May MJ, Balachandran S, Madesh M, Requirement of FADD, NEMO, and BAX/BAK for aberrant mitochondrial function in tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced necrosis. Mol Cell Biol 31:18(3745-58)2011 Sep

21454756. Angert D, Berretta RM, Kubo H, Zhang H, Chen X, Wang W, Ogorek B, Barbe M, Houser SR, Repair of the injured adult heart involves new myocytes potentially derived from resident cardiac stem cells. Circ Res 108:10(1226-37)2011 May 13

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Lab phone number 215-707-3275

Hui Gao                                    hui.gau@temple.edu

Hajime Kubo, PhD                 hajime.kubo@temple.edu

Hongyu Zhang                        hongyu.zhang@temple.edu


Graduate Students

Larry Barr                                  larry.barr@temple.edu

Jason Duran                            jason.duran@temple.edu

Catherine Makarewich           cat.makarewish@gmail.com

Thomas Sharp                        tuc72715@temple.edu

Fang Wang                               tub50225@temple.edu

Hongyu Zhang                         hongyu.zhang@temple.edu


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laboratory personnel:


Remus Berretta

Lab Manager

T:  215-707-6501

F:  215-707-0170

Email address:  remus.berretta@temple.edu


Tim Starosta

Laboratory Assistant

Email address: tua92387@temple.edu


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