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Stephen Arnoff

Earl Henderson, PhD


Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Professor, Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology

Telephone:  215-707- 3583

Fax:  215-707-7788

Email: eehender@temple.edu


Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology

Center for Substance Abuse Research


Educational Background:


University of Chicago, PhD


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Research Interests:


Dr. Henderson's major research interests are revolving around several projects. The first involves the etiology and evolution of EBV-associated T cell lymphomas in patients with AIDS. AIDS-related Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated T cell lymphomas are emerging as a new, distinct histopathological entity. The pathway whereby EBV infects T cells as well as the initial EBV transcriptional program in T cells has not been established. Dr. Henderson's laboratory is actively working to characterize these pathways. Demonstration of EBV mRNA transcripts encoding immediate-early transcriptional transactivators in EBV-infected T cells provides the first evidence for a possible mechanism whereby EBV could contribute to T cell proliferation and EBV-associated T cell malignancies. Identification of EBV transcripts in T cell lymphomas will lead to improved therapy and prevention of these lymphomas.


The second research project is related to Herpesvirus saimiri. Human T lymphocytes are transformed by this virus in vitro to continuous proliferation. It has been previously shown that H. saimiri-transformed human T cell lines are a permissive system for HIV-1 and -2 replication and are highly susceptible to infection by HIV-1 and 2. Two proteins of H. saimiri, StpC and Tip, are required for T cell transformation and are unique to this herpesvirus. The successful transduction of human T cells with retroviral vectors expressing H. saimiri proteins StpC and Tip has allowed us to extend the before-mentioned observations and investigate the role of StpC and Tip in replication of HIV 1 T-tropic strains (IIIB, MN and RF) in human T cell lines. StpC expression in Molt4 dramatically enhanced HIV-1 replication. In contrast, Tip expression in Molt4 cells inhibited HIV-1 replication and cytopathic effects relative to Molt4 cells transduced with the empty vector alone. A better understanding of the effects of Tip and StpC proteins on the biology of human hemopoietic stem cells may lead to novel therapeutic interventions for the treatment of AIDS.


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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

25366264. Guan M, Romano G, Coroniti R, Henderson EE, Progress in oncolytic virotherapy for the treatment of thyroid malignant neoplasm. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 33:(91)2014 Nov 1

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2446955. Valerie K, Fronko G, Long W, Henderson EE, Nilsson B, Uhlén M, de Riel JK, Production and detection of coliphage T4 endonuclease V polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies using staphylococcal protein-A hybrid proteins. Gene 58:1(99-107)1987

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graduate students :


Sean Roberts

Lorianne Turner

Filip Bednar (Co-advisor, Thomas J. Rogers, PhD)

David Kaminsky (Co-advisor, Thomas J. Rogers, PhD)

Certain Recent Graduates:

Adebimpe Afolabi, MD, MS

Émigré Physicians Program

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine of New York Institute of Technology

Michele Wetzel Kutzler, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

University of Pennsylvania

Andrea Raymond, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Medicine

University of Pennsylvania

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grant support :


Current or Recent Grant Support of Active Projects:


Earl Henderson, PhD as Co-Investigator:

National Institutes of Health, T32 A107101, C. D. Platsoucas, PhD, Principal Investigator/Program Director; Microbiology and Immunology Training Program


National Institutes of Health, P30 DA13429, M. W. Adler, PhD, Principal Investigator; Center on Intersystem Regulation by Drugs of Abuse


National Institutes of Health, 1 DA14230, T. J. Rogers, PhD, Principal Investigator; Interactions between Opioid and Chemokine Receptors Relative to HIV


National Institutes of Health, R01 DA06650, M. W. Adler, PhD, Principal Investigator; Opioids, Cannabinoids, Chemokines: Neuroimmune Interactions


National Institutes of Health, DA016544, T. J. Rogers, PhD, Principal Investigator; HIV Infection and Opioid-induced Immunoregulation


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