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FAculty directory


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Fane,  Kathleen MD Emergency Medicine
Farnsworth, Pauline MD Emergency Medicine
Faro, Scott MD Radiology
Fekete, Thomas MD

Chief, Section of Infectious Diseases

Professor of Medicine (Section of Infectious Diseases)

Feldman, Arthur M. MD, PhD

Dean's Staff

Medicine, Section of Cardiology


Ferguson, Tanya S. PhD Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center
Ferrari, John MD Anesthesiology
Ferriss, James S. MD Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
Finestone, Albert J. MD

Continuing Medical Education

Medicine, Institute on Aging

Fiorito, Michael MD Emergency Medicine

Fischer-Smith, Tracy



Center for Neurovirology

Fisher, Jennifer L. MD Emergency Medicine
Fisher, Richard I. MD

Dean's Staff

Medicine (Section of Oncology)

Fisher, Susan G. MS, PhD

Dean's Staff

Director, Temple Clinical Research Institute

Professor and Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences

Fiss, David MD Medicine, Section of Cardiology
Fleece, David MD Pediatrics
Fleckenstein, Clint DO Anesthesiology
Forfia, Paul MD Medicine, Section of Cardiology
Foster, William MD, PhD Ophthalmology
Freedman, Martin F. MD OB/GYN and Reproductive Sciences
Friedenberg, Frank MD, MSEpi Medicine, Section of Gastroenterology
Fundakowski, Christopher E. MD Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery