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Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, MS, FACC


Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, MS, FACC


Professor, Medicine

Professor of Medicine

Section Chief of Cardiology

Vice Chair of Program Development, Department of Medicine

Telephone:  215-707-5744

Email: daniel.edmundowicz@tuhs.temple.edu



Department of Medicine, Section of Cardiology


Educational Background:


Undergraduate degree, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 1984


MS (Human Anatomy), Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 1984-1986


MD, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 1990


Internship and Residency, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 1991-1993


Fellowship (Cardiology), University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 1993-1996


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clinical Interests:

  • Lipidology
  • Preventive cardiology
  • Subclinical vascular disease detection for risk stratification

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board certifications:


  • American Board of Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine, Cardiology

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professional affiliations:

  • Fellow, American College of Cardiology
  • American Heart Association
  • President, Society of Atherosclerosis Imaging and Prevention
  • National Lipid Association

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research interests:


  • Epidemiology of subclinical vascular disease
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids and their effect on the cardiovascular system

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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

26059090. Al Maluli H, Mathur M, Keane MG, Guy TS, Dries D, Edmundowicz D, Multiple Septal Coronary-Cameral Fistulae after Septal Myectomy. Echocardiography 32:11(1736-7)2015 Nov

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