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Alan Cowan

Alan Cowan, PhD


Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology

Professor Emeritus, Anesthesiology

Professor Emeritus, Substance Abuse Research

Telephone:  215-707- 4110

Fax:  215-707-6661

Email: acowan@temple.edu


Department of Pharmacology

Department of Anesthesiology

Center for Substance Abuse Research


Educational Background:


University of Glasgow, Scotland: BSc Pharmacy, 1964


Royal College of Science and Technology: ARCST Pharmacy, 1964


University of Strathclyde, Glasgow: PhD Pharmacology, 1968

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Research Interests:


The Hammer


  • The pharmacological interface between pain and itch
  • Development of kappa agonists as antipruritic agents
  • Behavioral and gut pharmacology of bombesin-like peptides, icilin and tegaserod

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Recent Medically Related Publications, Obtained from PubMed (Click on PubMed ID to view abstract)

26555665. Qu H, Costache MC, Inan S, Cowan A, Devore D, Ducheyne P, Local, Controlled Delivery of Local Anesthetics In Vivo from Polymer - Xerogel Composites. Pharm Res :()2015 Nov 10

26415767. Cowan A, Lyu RM, Chen YH, Dun SL, Chang JK, Dun NJ, Phoenixin: A candidate pruritogen in the mouse. Neuroscience 310:(541-8)2015 Dec 3

25861786. Cowan A, Kehner GB, Inan S, Targeting Itch with Ligands Selective for ? Opioid Receptors. Handb Exp Pharmacol 226:(291-314)2015

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24574066. Cowan A, Raffa RB, Tallarida CS, Tallarida RJ, Christoph T, Schr÷der W, Tzschentke TM, Lack of synergistic interaction between the two mechanisms of action of tapentadol in gastrointestinal transit. Eur J Pain 18:8(1148-56)2014 Sep

24503508. Dimattio KM, Yakovleva TV, Aldrich JV, Cowan A, Liu-Chen LY, Zyklophin, a short-acting kappa opioid antagonist, induces scratching in mice. Neurosci Lett 563:(155-9)2014 Mar 20

21841040. Wang YJ, Rasakham K, Huang P, Chudnovskaya D, Cowan A, Liu-Chen LY, Sex difference in ?-opioid receptor (KOPR)-mediated behaviors, brain region KOPR level and KOPR-mediated guanosine 5'-O-(3-[35S]thiotriphosphate) binding in the guinea pig. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 339:2(438-50)2011 Nov

21600706. Palma J, Cowan A, Geller EB, Adler MW, Benamar K, Differential antinociceptive effects of buprenorphine and methadone in the presence of HIV-gp120. Drug Alcohol Depend 118:2-3(497-9)2011 Nov 1

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20826425. Zhao P, Sharir H, Kapur A, Cowan A, Geller EB, Adler MW, Seltzman HH, Reggio PH, Heynen-Genel S, Sauer M, Chung TD, Bai Y, Chen W, Caron MG, Barak LS, Abood ME, Targeting of the orphan receptor GPR35 by pamoic acid: a potent activator of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and ▀-arrestin2 with antinociceptive activity. Mol Pharmacol 78:4(560-8)2010 Oct

20061095. Tallarida RJ, Cowan A, Raffa RB, On deriving the dose-effect relation of an unknown second component: an example using buprenorphine preclinical data. Drug Alcohol Depend 109:1-3(126-9)2010 Jun 1

19733208. Huang P, Liu-Chen LY, Unterwald EM, Cowan A, Hyperlocomotion and paw tremors are two highly quantifiable signs of SR141716-precipitated withdrawal from delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in C57BL/6 mice. Neurosci Lett 465:1(66-70)2009 Nov 6

19549515. Inan S, Dun NJ, Cowan A, Inhibitory effect of lidocaine on pain and itch using formalin-induced nociception and 5'-guanidinonaltrindole-induced scratching models in mice: behavioral and neuroanatomical evidence. Eur J Pharmacol 616:1-3(141-6)2009 Aug 15

19524022. Inan S, Dun NJ, Cowan A, Nalfurafine prevents 5'-guanidinonaltrindole- and compound 48/80-induced spinal c-fos expression and attenuates 5'-guanidinonaltrindole-elicited scratching behavior in mice. Neuroscience 163:1(23-33)2009 Sep 29

19248800. Werkheiser J, Cowan A, Gomez T, Henry C, Parekh S, Chau S, Baron DA, Rawls SM, Icilin-induced wet-dog shakes in rats are dependent on NMDA receptor activation and nitric oxide production. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 92:3(543-8)2009 May

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18789801. Xiong Z, Yan Y, Song J, Fang P, Yin Y, Yang Y, Cowan A, Wang H, Yang XF, Expression of TCTP antisense in CD25(high) regulatory T cells aggravates cuff-injured vascular inflammation. Atherosclerosis 203:2(401-8)2009 Apr

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