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department of urology

Residency Program




Residents and faculty participate in didactic as well as group conferences to complement the resident educational experience. 

  • Pediatric Urology Conference.  This conference alternates between St. Christopher's Hospital and Temple University Hospital.  This conference occurs on a monthly basis. It consists of a multidisciplinary renal, urology, and radiology conference followed by dedicated pediatric journal club.  In alternating months, a didactic lecture is given covering important topics in pediatric urology.  Also, a certain pediatric chapter in Campbell's is selected and the residents are tested.  The attendings make up the questions.  The resident with the most correct answers at the end of the year wins the Pediatric Urology Temple Scholar award (PUTS for short). 
  • Urology Grand Rounds, M&M. This conference is held monthly.  It alternates between Fox Chase Cancer Center, Abington Memorial Hospital and Temple Hospital.  Usually the first hour is case presentations by the chief residents or an oncology lecture if held at Fox Chase.  The second hour is a discussion of the M and M’s that have occurred for the month at the respective hospitals. 
  • Pathology and Radiology Conference. This is held on a monthly basis.  The residents go over pathology slides with a urologic pathologist.  The pathologist will describe the histology of different urologic cancers in preparation for the in-service exam.  The radiology conference is in a similar manner with a radiologist reviewing interesting urologic imaging from the month.
  • Journal Club. This is held on a monthly basis.  Various articles from the most current issue of the Journal of Urology are discussed.  Whatever attending is covering this conference will depend upon what articles are discussed (i.e. a female urologist vs. a urologic oncoligist.)
  • Board review, SASP question review.  Usually starting in July or August, Dr. Mydlo will go over SASP questions after one of the above conferences are finished, until the in-service exam.  This is usually for about an hour.
  • Philadelphia Urologic Society. Members are composed of city-wide urologists and meetings are held throughout the academic year, including a resident research presentation competition held in the spring.  All residents are required to present something at this spring research competition.  Usually meetings are held on a quarterly basis.
  • Pennsy conference. Bimonthly meetings held on Saturday mornings at Pennsylvania Hospital during the academic year.  Lectures covering all aspects of Urology are given by local faculty.  During the summer months these lectures are not given.  They usually run from September to June.  Attendance is strongly recommended.
  • Additional conferences are held at rotating hospitals throughout rotations