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Internal Medicine Residency Program

Post-Residency Plans and Testimonials


Class of 2015



Post-Graduation Plans

Ovais Ahmed

Gastroenterology Fellowship, University of Vermont
Saras Arasu Gastroenterology Fellowship, Temple University Hospital


Archna Bajaj

General Internal Medicine Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania


Peter Barth

Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, Brown University


Reema Bhatt

Cardiology Fellowship, Rush University Medical Center


Eugene Brailovsky

Cardiology Fellowship, Loyola Chicago


Lauren Francis

Hospital Medicine, Bryn Mawr Hospital
Jeydith Guttierez-Perez Hospital Medicine University of Iowa
Kristi Holmes Palliative Care Fellowship, Emory University
Erkanda Ikonomi Hospital Medicine, Temple University Hospital
Lindsay Jablonski Infectious Disease Fellowship, Temple University Hospital
Harish Jarrett Chief Resident, Temple University Hospital
Wisna Jean Infectious Disease Fellowship, Temple University Hospital
Isaac Kim Hospital Medicine, Paoli Hospital
Alexandra Lane Chief Resident, Temple University Hospital
 Michael Lashner Cardiology Fellowship, Temple University Hospital
Cole Liberator Chief Resident, Temple University Hospital
Shant Manoushagian Shant Manoushagian
Michael McCormack Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, Cooper University Hospital
Meredith McFarland Endocrinology Fellowship, Brown University
Charles Nicolais Chief Resident, Temple University Hospital
Anand Patel Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, Lankenau Hospital
Lucy Salieb Gastroenterology Fellowship, University of Connecticut
Annemarie Schorpion Rheumatology Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania
Dharmini Shah Hospital Medicine, Temple University Hospital
William Shapiro Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship, Temple University Hospital
Jennifer So Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship, Temple University Hospital
Chandan Vangala Nephrology Fellowship, Baylor University
Lisa Yan Hospital Medicine, Temple University Hospital
Lexi Zavitsanos Rheumatology Fellowship, Temple University Hospital

Class of 2014


Post-Graduation Plans

Barnett, Shari, MD

Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship – New York University
Bates, Akilah, MD Outpatient Primary Care – Philadelphia, PA
Berman, David, MD Academic Hospitalist Temple University Hospital
Brady, Brian, MD Chief Resident then Nephrology Fellowship
Caroline Mara, MD Cardiology Fellowship – Lankenau Medical Center
Carpenter, Sweta, MD Nephrology Fellowship, Hahnemann University Hospital
Carry, Brendan, MD Cardiology Fellowship, Tulane Medical Center
Darrah, Justin, MD Chief Resident then Hematology/Oncology Fellowship
Dhar, Trina, MD Hospitalist (Montefiore NY)
D’Silva, Ashley, MD Hematology/Oncology Fellowship– Beth Israel Medical Center, NY
Furuya, Yuka, MD Academic Hospitalist Temple University Hospital
Galli, Jonathan, MD Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship – Temple University Hospital
Godshall, Casey, MD Infectious Disease Fellowship – Temple University Hospital
Gonzalez, Alejandro, MD Academic Hospitalist Temple University Hospital
Gordon, Matthew, MD Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship - Temple University Hospital
Gotfried, Jonathan, MD Chief Resident then Gastroenterology Fellowship
Hamburger, Robert, DO Cardiology Fellowship – University of Florida Shands Hospital
Hatahet, Kamel, MD Nephrology Fellowship - Temple University Hospital
Jain, Aabha, MD Infectious Disease Fellowship - Hahnemann University Hospital
Javed, Asad, MD Hematology/Oncology Fellowship – Jefferson University Hospital
Katsoff, Brittney, MD Palliative Care Fellowship – Hahnemann University Hospital
Lakhter, Vladimir, DO Cardiology Fellowship - Temple University Hospital
Lam, Jason, MD Intensive Care Hospitalist University of Pennsylvania
Ly, Rebecka, MD Outpatient Primary Care – Health District, Philadelphia PA
Midani Deena, MD Gastroenterology Fellowship – Temple University Hospital
Modiri, Alexandra, MD Gastroenterology Fellowship – Medical College of Wisconsin
Mueller, Daniel, MD Infectious Disease Fellowship - Temple University Hospital
Mulhall, Patrick, MD Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship - Temple University Hospital
Nagraj, Ravi, MD Outpatient Primary Care – Health District, Philadelphia PA
Pirkle, Christen, MD Hospitalist – Virtua Health System, NJ
Rakita, Val, MD Cardiology Fellowship - Temple University Hospital
Sheffer, Ian, MD Infectious Disease Fellowship - Temple University Hospital
Verbofsky, David, MD Chief Resident then Outpatient Primary Care
Zack, Chad, MD Cardiology Fellowship – Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN



Class of 2013



Post-Graduation Plans

Adamcewicz, Margaret, DO

Gastroenterology – University of Rochester
Ahima, Ohenewaa, MD Primary Care
Al Maluli, Hayan, MD Cardiology – Temple University
Andari, Ronald Gastroenterology – Temple University
Caroline, Malka Chief Resident then Cardiology
De Prada, Luyi Nephrology – Temple University
Deutsch, Robin, MD Infectious Disease – University of Connecticut
Duffy, Sean, MD Pulmonary/Critical Care – Temple University
Edathil, Jocelyn, MD Hospitalist
George, Nina, DO Gastroenterology – Case Western Reserve University
Hassam, Akil, MD Hospitalist
Hermany, Paul, MD Cardiology – Yale University
Khair, Rubina, MD Pulmonary/Critical Care – Johns Hopkins University
Lalan, Vikin, MBBS Hospitalist
Maxson, Robert, MD Hospitalist
Misra, Suresh, MD Hospitalist
Mueller, Daniel, MD Chief Resident then Infectious Diseases
Morad, Abdul, MD Cardiology – Lankenau Hospital
Nary, Mark, MD Hospitalist
Raza, Farhan, MBBS Cardiology – Temple University
Reed, Ashley, MD Hospitalist
Salam, Maamoun, MD Hospitalist
Sharim, Rebecca, MD Rheumatology – University of Pennsylvania
Subbiah, Rajeeve, MD Cardiology – Temple University
Tang, Derek, MD Gastroenterology – University of Maryland
Watto, Matthew, MD Primary Care (Air Force)
Williams, Paul, MD Chief Resident then Primary Care
Yang, Eric, MD Infectious Diseases – Oregon Health and Science
Chad, Zack, MD Chief Resident then Cardiology



Class of 2012



Post-Graduation Plans

Afari-Amah, Nana, MD

Chief Resident then Cardiology Fellowship

Ahluwalia, Sumit, MBBS

GI - University of Oklahoma

Alasfar, Sami, MD

Chief Resident then Nephrology Fellowship

Austin, Laura, MD

Heme/Onc - Thomas Jefferson

Barnes, Hillary, MD

Endocrine - University of Maryland

Berio-Dorta, Raul, MD

Hospitalist - Virtua Health System, NJ

Caricchio, Roberto, MD, PhD

Rheumatology - Temple University Hospital

Chen, Daniel, MD

Primary Care - Esperanza Health Center

Clarke, Maureen, MD

Chief Resident then Primary Care

Doll, Michelle, MD

Chief Resident then ID Fellowship

Dostal, Patrick, MD

Geriatrics Fellowship - University of Pennsylvania

Elman, Ari, MD

Lankenau Hospital Chief Resident

Feinstein, Addi, MD

Hospitalist - St. Luke’s Hospital, NY

Fors Nieves, Cesar, MD

Chief Resident then Rheumatology Fellowship

Guziel, Jeannette, MD

Hospitalist - Locum Tenems

Hayward, Bradley, MD

Palliative Care - Columbia University Hospital

Jacobs, Benjamin, MD

Heme/Onc - University of Pennsylvania

Kolb, Kiley, DO

GI - Temple University Hospital

Luis, Antonio, MD

Hospitalist - Lankenau Hospital, PA

Macciocca, Michael, MD

Hospitalist - Virtua Health System, NJ

Mathur, Moses, MD

Cardiology - Temple University Hospital

Moldovan, Thais, MD

Rheumatology - Temple University Hospital

Naveed, Ammara, MD

Hospitalist - Abington Hospital, PA

Nguyen, Hien, MD

Hospitalist - Newport Beach, CA

Ortega, Diego, MD Hospitalist - Virtua Health System, NJ

Patel, Chirdeep, MD

Cardiology - Hahnemann University Hospital

Phongankuel, Veerawat, MD

Geriatrics - Cornell University Hospital

Price, Letitia, MD

Primary Care - Philadelphia Health Districts

Remakus, Matthew, MD

Hospitalist - Abington Hospital, PA

Riley, Erin, DO

Pulmonary - Temple University Hospital

Siddiqui, Samreen, MD

Hospitalist - Locum Tenems

Weinberg, Lyn, MD

Geriatrics - University of Pittsburgh

Yates, Franklin, MD

ID - Hahnemann University Hospital

Yoo, Christina, MD

Primary Care - Abington Hospital



Class of 2011



Post-Graduation Plans

Asamoah-Odei, Efua, MD

Hospitalist – Christiana Care

Burki, Meher, MBBS

Heme/Onc – Fox Chase Cancer Center

Cavallaro, Nicholas, MD

Hospitalist at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Chan, Diana, MD

Primary Care

Cherian, Dinu, MD

GI – Lankenau Hospital

Chi, Suyin, MD

ID – Temple University Hospital

Czysz, Aaron, MD

Pulmonary - Temple University Hospital

Freeman, Scott, MD

Palliative Medicine – Univ. Pittsburgh

Freidl, Adrienne, MD

Chief Resident then Primary Care

Garrett, Tiffani, MD

Nephrology - University of Tennessee

Gonzalez, Jorge, MD

Cardiology - Temple University Hospital

Grinblat, Alla MD

Primary Care – Philadelphia Health Centers

Gupta, Ankur, MD

Cardiology – University of Alabama

Khawaja, Hussain, MBBS

Hospitalist at Temple University Hospital

Kim, Chan, MD

Rheumatology – Boston University

Krahnke, Jason, DO

Pulmonary – Temple University Hospital

Kulasekaran, Vishnu, MD

Chief Resident then Primary Care

Lewis, Courtney Do

Pulmonary - Temple University Hospital

Lim, Sharon, MD

Cardiology – Thomas Jefferson

Logan, Merranda, MD

Chief Resident then

Nephrology – Harvard/Brigham & Women’s/Massachusetts General

Malik, Zubair, MD

Hospitalist at Temple University Hospital

Memon, Nabeel, MD

Cardiology - Temple University Hospital

Modi, Danesh, MD

Cardiology - Temple University Hospital

Moulder, Peter, MD

Primary Care outside Pittsburgh

Patel, Neel, DO

Chief Resident then Cardiology – University of Maryland

Samimi, Roxana, MD D

ID - Georgetown

Sharma, Amol, MD

GI – Penn State/Hershey Med Ctr.

Singh, Mandeep, MBBS


Sterling, Rachel, MD

Heme/onc – Fox Chase Cancer Center

Tarabolous, Chad, MD

Heme/onc – University of Maryland

Verrengia, Melissa, MD

GI - Temple University Hospital

Vijayvergia, Namrata, MBBS

Heme/onc – Fox Chase Cancer Center

Yu, David, MD

Geriatrics – University of Pennsylvania



Graduated Residents' Post-Graduation Plans




Graduated Residents' Testimonials


“My residency experience at Temple Medicine has laid a foundation of clinical knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my career. It is not just the clinical cases and pathology encountered in Northern Philadelphia that makes Temple Medicine unique and special. But rather, the heart of the program relies on its housestaff. Ready for battle and any clinical situation thrown their way, Temple residents stand shoulder to shoulder, united and supportive of one another. These friendships and bonds are what made my residency memorable. Simply put, when you are training alongside of your best friends and respected colleagues, learning the art of medicine becomes easy, attainable, and natural. Your triumphs and losses are shared. Your confidence soars. You learn how to become a physician with humility and compassion.”


Neha Korde, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2005-2008

Hematology and Oncology fellow, National Institutes of Health



“As a recent graduate of the Temple Internal Medicine residency program, I can tell you with absolute certainty that I'd made the right decision by choosing Temple. That is the place where I learned to be a doctor, to take ownership of my patients, where I learned to take care of large volumes of very sick patients the right way - I carry that with me always.


Now, as an infectious diseases fellow covering covering up to three hospitals, I feel I can face any clinical situation. My interests in health equity, driven by the sense of duty and service fostered at Temple, have resulted in an up-coming trip to Uganda, where I will be doing clinical and public health work.


When I look back, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the program, my fellow residents, but particularly the patients and their incredible faith in all of us. When you graduate, you will be armed with your hard-earned but exceptional clinical skills and realize that North Philadelphia will always be a part of you.”


Gina Suh, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2004-2007

Chief Infectious Disease fellow, Stanford University



“To me, residency at Temple is like growing up in a big happy family with caring folks. As an intern, I felt free to make my own decisions but was never afraid of asking my resident for help. I love the 1-to-1 intern-resident team, as I am guaranteed 100% attention at challenging times. Later on, it was only natural to return the favor to my intern. Our attending is always there to help but is never too close to bind our hands. I also came to enjoy the nightlong calls with our sister teams, as we have good companies on light nights and are always ready to help each other out on busy nights. Nothing beats sitting down with my buddies post night-call and having blueberry pancakes with coffee …


Coming to Temple to become an oncologist, I was amazed by how EGD helped in difficult cases, providing both mucosal view and pathology diagnosis. I aspired to become a gastroenterologist instead. The breadth and depth of the Department of Medicine makes it easy to find a mentor, and the intern-year research month helps to get research started. At the advice of Dr. Moyer, I met with Dr. Richter and Dr. Parkman and started working on GI projects. As a junior resident, I presented at the Digestive Disease Week and the American College of Gastroenterology annual meeting. These prepared me well for fellowship application and interviews, and I still vividly remember what happened on Match Day, June 18, 2008 … “


Y. Richard Wang, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2005-2008

Gastroenterology fellow, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville



“Residency at Temple was a transformative experience, and I entered with my mind full of chaotic facts memorized in medical school, and left with an organic, comprehensive training in the art and science of medicine. As my training progressed, I began to realize how increasingly comfortable I felt managing patients with complex medical problems, and, when I was done, I felt the conviction that I would be able to handle any clinical challenges thrown my way in the future.


Bolstered by the research opportunities, mentoring, and unwavering faculty support at Temple, I found myself to be a very competitive candidate for fellowship, and eventually matched at my top choice of program. I want to make special mention of the exceptional interest taken by our program director and head of department in each resident's application, and their willingness to go out of their way to open doors that might otherwise be closed.


Chief residency was an opportunity for me to hone my skills as an educator and communicator, and it was a great period of professional growth. I finished my training at Temple in 2009, and moved on to my fellowship with many fond memories of the four years I had spent there. Temple was a very important milestone in my life, and the relationships I forged with my colleagues and mentors there continue to be a indispensable part of my life.”


Vikram Paralkar, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2005-2008, Chief Resident 2008-2009

Hematology and Oncology fellow, University of Pennsylvania



“As a Temple medical student I admired Temple residents, attendings, and was intrigued by the diverse population of my patients. When I became a Temple resident I was extremely thrilled. My residency class was a diligent and tightly knit group, the same characteristics I observed of residents during my medical student years. The attendings were dedicated and knowledgeable; many of them have spent numerous years at Temple with their academic goal of teaching students and residents. Many of the attendings became my mentors and advisors, and have helped me to achieve fellowship goals. The patients are very challenging in terms of their pathology and often difficult social situations, and taking care of them made me feel like I was truly making a difference.


As I have gone through fellowship interviews at multiple institutions, I frequently heard complements such as “Temple residents know how to take care of sick patients.” As I moved on from residency, this statement could have not been truer: I became a confident and knowledgeable doctor. I would repeat my decision to choose Temple for Internal Medicine Residency in a heartbeat; it was the perfect place to become a doctor, a better person and to find lifelong friendships.”


Judit Gordon, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2005-2008

Nephrology Fellow, Johns Hopkins University



“There is no doubt that the emphasis on resident-centered patient care and resident autonomy were and continue to be major strengths of the Temple Internal Medicine training program. The accessibility of faculty, subspecialists and fellows, and their consistent dedication to teaching and mentorship creates an ideal environment to hone clinical skills and explore personal research interests. The structured evidence-based curriculum ensures a well rounded experience with built in flexibility so that residents can tailor their training to specific career goals. The patient population is diverse, consisting of a mix of the underserved local community and tertiary referrals to the subspecialty services. My training at Temple was an incredibly balanced educational experience. “


Gadi Silberman, MD

Temple Internal Medicine 2001-2004, Chief Resident 2004-2005

Cardiology Fellow, Emory University



“I consider my time spent at Temple invaluable to my long term success as a clinical investigator. As I honed my clinical acumen in a residency that preserved my autonomy, I developed the skills to ask questions about our understanding of disease, its diagnosis and treatment. I found that often the literature was incomplete, or at the very least flawed. When I chose a path of academic clinical research, I not only had the luxury of many authorities in Pulmonary diseases at Temple, but also their support to broaden my horizons. After spending 8 years at Temple, they generously helped me obtain the fellowship position that perfectly suited my academic goals. It was with the institutional support I received at Temple, that I was successfully able to move to my next institution and new experiences.”


Thomas Rice, MD

Temple Internal Medicine 2002-2005, Chief Resident 2005-2006

Pulmonary Fellow, University of Pittsburgh



“Temple was an amazing place to train in internal medicine. Learning in such a nurturing environment, where attendings, fellows and residents engage in teaching and supporting each other, instilled me with confidence and pride in my skills and training. Caring for such a diverse patient population, many with advanced disease, I gained skills and knowledge that prepared me for almost any situation. The dedication of Dr. Moyer and the faculty to training skilled and caring physicians is what sets this medicine program above others. My experiences at Temple have presented me with many new opportunities; this program has provided me with a strong and solid foundation on which to build future successes.”


Danielle Nicolo, MD, PhD

Temple Internal Medicine 2006-2009

Cardiology Fellow, Cornell University