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2012-13 Research Slides



Gerard J. Criner, MD, FACP, FACCP

Introduction to the Research Curriculum and Choosing a Research Mentor

Alfred Bove, MD, PhD


Designing a Protocol
9/27/12 Lauri Fennell Introduction to RefWorks: Citation Management

Henry Parkman, MD

Writing a Research Protocol

Peter Axelrod, MD

Study Designs: Observation
10/18/12 Howard Uderman, MD Study Designs for Clinical Research: Prospective Studies
10/25/12 Philip Silkoff, MD Personalized Medicine - Asthma Patient Selection Strategies
11/01/12 Michael Jacobs, PhD Submission to the IRB, Informed Consent, and HIPAA
11/08/12 Thomas Rogers, PhD Developing Projects with Basic Science Components
11/15/12 Marla Wolfson, MS, PhD Developing Translational Research Studies: Bedside to Bench to Bedside
11/29/12 Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD Developing Research Studies in Small Animals
12/06/12 Susan Wiegers, MD Ethics in Research and Conflict of Interest
12/13/12 Eric Ross, PhD Consulting with a Biostatistician: When, Why, and How
12/20/12 Frank Friedenberg, MD Graphical Presentation of Data
1/03/13 Ruth Tal-Singer, PhD Challenges of Developing New Medicines: Public-Private Partnerships as a New Model for R&D
1/10/13 Thomas Klumpp, MD Common Errors in the Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials
1/17/13 Sharon Herring, MD, MPH Project Execution:  Success and Pitfalls
1/24/13 Emily Weber, MD Regulatory Issues with Human Subjects Research, Safety Monitoring, Adverse Events, DSMBs
1/31/13 Matthew O'Brien, MD, MSc Puentes de Salud: Developing a Longitudinal, Community-based Research Collaboration
2/07/13 Anuradha Paranjape, MD Patient Reported Outcomes and Quality of Life
2/14/13 Arleen Wallen, MS, RD, MBA Developing a Study Budget and Contract
2/21/13 Muniswamy Madesh, PhD Advances in Image Analysis and Microscopy in Experimental Settings
2/28/13 Philip Cohen, MD Disease Mechanism Research in a Department of Medicine
3/07/13 Roberto Caricchio, MD Research in Inflammatory Disease States: A Physician-Scientist Perspective
3/14/13 Naomi Starkey, MPH IRB Basics and e-Submission Process
3/21/13 Jay Rappaport, PhD Use of Modern Molecular Cellular Techniques in Medical Research
3/28/13 Salim Merali, PhD Proteomics and Biomarker Discovery
4/04/13 Henry Parkman, MD Presenting Your Research: Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations
4/11/13 Zoran Obradovic, PhD Predictive Modeling of Patient State and Therapy Optimization
4/18/13 Frank Friedenberg, MD Using Existing and Creating New Databases for Clinical Research
4/25/13 Scott Faro, PhD Functional Neuroradiology (CNS Imaging)
5/02/13 Thomas Fekete, MD Systemic Reviews of Meta-Analysis
5/16/13 Deborah Nelson, PhD Correlation Coefficients, Linear Regression, Confidence Intervals
5/23/13 Eric Ross, PhD Survival Analysis
5/30/13 Gary Foster, PhD Writing a Manuscript
6/13/13 Michael Jacobs, PharmD Good Clinical Practice for Research Studies I - Investigator Responsibilities
6/20/13 Carol Homko, RN, PhD Good Clinical Practice for Research Studies II - Adverse Event Reporting
6/27/13 Michael Jacobs, PharmD GCP III - Sponsor Responsibilities
7/11/13 Doohai Yu, PhD Clinical Trial: Design, Monitoring and Data Analysis
7/18/13 Huaqing Zhao, PhD Introduction to Biostatistics Lecture
7/25/13 Doohai Yu, PhD Introduction to Biostatistics Lecture II
8/01/13 Huaqing Zhao, PhD Genomic Data Analysis: Population Based Genetic Association Study
8/08/13 William Cornwell, PhD Biomarkers and Related Resesarch Questions
8/15/13 Thomas Rogers, PhD Revolution in Medicine: Molecular Biology from PCR to Microarray Analysis
8/22/13 Thomas Rogers, PhD Lasers are your Friends!: The Explosion in the Use of Flow Cytometry to Study Individual Cells of All Types