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Department of Medicine - Section of Cardiology

Clinical Programs


Arrhythmia Management and Interventional Cardiology


Cardiac Catheterization


Our electrophysiology and cardiac catheterization laboratories perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with acute and chronic coronary disease, congestive heart failure, valve disease, congenital heart defects, cardiomyopathy and peripheral vascular disease.





The electrophysiology team at Temple is dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment for heart rhythm abnormalities and palpitations and for reducing long-term risk for patients with heart failure and other causes of sudden death.


Our fully equipped lab allows us to treat the full spectrum of electrophysiology patients.  We perform the newest ablation techniques for atrial fibrillation and flutter, corrections of abnormal conduction that induces palpitations and arrhythmias due to scarring from previous heart attacks.


We evaluate and treat all types of rhythm disorders, including:

  • Extra systoles
  • PACs
  • PVCs
  • Atrial flutter and atrial tachycardia
  • Ventricular and superventricular tachycardia
  • Persistent palpitations or tachycardias
  • Heart block and other bradyarrhythmias

Studies and procedures we perform include:

  • Diagnostic EP test
  • Tilt table testing
  • Catheter ablations for arrhythmias
  • Implants of various devices including ICDs, biventricular ICDs and pacemakers
  • Cardioversions

Temple is consistently at the forefront of technology and treatment, implanting the newest pacemakers and implanted defibrillators and using new atrial ablation techniques to cure atrial arrhythmias.


Research projects at Temple include testing of new medications for treatment of arrhythmias, measures of arrhythmias in patients after heart transplant and measuring the effects of cardiac resynchronization on heart function in patients with heart failure.  We are also pioneering a new technique to diagnose heart failure at earlier stages, often before patients feel symptoms, and testing an oral anti-coagulant for use in atrial fibrillation.


Contact:  215-707-4724


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Cardiac Catheterization



The interventional cardiologists, nurses and technicians at Temple Heart Center are fully dedicated to interventional and diagnostic cardiac catheterization procedures.  Consistently at the forefront in developing new techniques, Temple plays a leading role in many of the breakthrough trials in the field, from drug-eluting coronary stents to embolic protection tools for high-risk patients.


We perform the full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for coronary disease treatments with outcomes that meet or exceed national standards.  These include:

  • Coronary angiography
  • Right/left heart catheterizations
  • Coronary interventions including coronary stents (drug eluting and bare metal)
  • Intravascular ultrasound

We also perform the full spectrum of vascular therapeutic procedures, including:

  • Peripheral angiography
  • Renal and iliac stent placements
  • Lower extremity diagnostic angiograms
  • Therapeutic procedures (including angioplasty and stents)
  • Cerebral angiography
  • Carotid stent procedures with embolic protection

Recent expansion of our facilities and equipment brings us to four complete, fully digital catheterization laboratories including two equipped to do full coronary and peripheral vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures. 


Our extensive patient database allows us to access thousands of treatment plans.  On a routine basis, we perform high-risk interventions on heart failure patients who have often been turned away by other institutions.  We also have expertise in caring for, managing and performing procedures on lung, heart and other transplant patients in collaboration with our transplant and lung volume reduction surgery programs.


Contact:  215-707-5500

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