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Melinda Somasekhar, PhD
Melinda Somasekhar, PhD
Assistant Dean
Office for Continuing Medical Education


The mission of the Office for Continuing Medical Education is to identify and analyze the needs of the medical profession and to address those needs in the design, implementation, management and evaluation of its educational programs, activities and services. The ultimate goal is improved patient care. Our specific goals are:

  1. To provide the highest standards of education to upgrade and/or improve the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practice behaviors of physicians and to promote the concept of continuing professional development.
  2. To disseminate current research findings in a timely, efficient and effective way to basic scientists, clinicians, and administrators.
  3. To promote the discipline of CME.
  4. To utilize sound principles and practices of adult education in our programs, services and activities.
  5. To ensure sound management practices, ethical conduct, competent faculty and adequate resources are available to successfully implement programmatic decisions.

The scope of the Continuing Medical Education program is diverse and ambitious. It includes sponsored and/or jointly sponsored programs and activities for Temple University Hospital, affiliated teaching and community hospitals that address local, regional, statewide, multi-state, and national audiences. Participants represent academia, hospital, and office-based health professionals in a variety of practice settings. These include solo and group practices, HMOs, open and closed hospital staffs and managed care organizations. Characteristics of potential participants are defined by geography, type of practice, specialty and age. In addition, they are identified by gaps in knowledge levels, attitudes and skills or mandated, recommended or prescribed curricula. The Office of Continuing Medical Education maintains responsibility for planning, marketing, management, implementation and evaluation of all its sponsored and jointly sponsored activities. It has the full support of the administration and faculty in meeting the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). This mission statement is consistent with that of Temple University Health Science Center and Temple University.



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