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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program



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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program - Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

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The Molecular and Cellular Biosciences cluster provides educational and research opportunities related to biochemistry and molecular biology within the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at Temple University School of Medicine. The Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (MCB) cluster offers opportunities for PhD, MD/PhD and MS students to become skilled and creative research scientists, providing the tools to develop into independent researchers. Graduate training within the MCB cluster is focused on understanding the structure, function, and regulation of the essential molecules within cells, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates, and to determine their role in the assembly and operation of major cellular entities including protein and enzyme complexes, cellular membranes, chromosomes, organelles, and operational targets for drugs and bioactive agents. The training emphasizes the integration of understanding of molecular structure and function of these at different levels of biological organization including molecules, cells and tissues. The focus of training is to combine basic molecular and cellular studies within a strong translational research emphasis.

In addition to the core curriculum, students are able to take several cluster-based elective courses including Enzymes and Proteins, RNA and Gene Expression, Molecular Physiology of Ion Signaling, and Biophysical Approaches to Research. Students are also expected to participate in the activities of MCB student seminar and journal clubs which currently include such topics as calcium signaling, caveolae, and musculoskeleton.

Students can select thesis advisors from more than 20 research laboratories. The research areas of the MCB faculty include cell signaling, growth and differentiation, cellular and molecular pharmacology, stem cells and regeneration, developmental biology, structural biology, membrane biophysics, metabolism, regulation of gene expression, and protein structure and function.

Such training will allow students to gain specialized knowledge and develop skills in cutting-edge molecular, cellular, biochemical, and biophysical technologies that will provide a crucial foundation for undertaking fundamental and translational investigation within the entire spectrum of biomedical research.



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Mary E. Abood, PhD

Raj Kishore, PhD
Tasuku Akiyama, PhD

Walter Koch, PhD

Mark Andrake, PhD * Warren D. Kruger, PhD *

Barrie Ashby, PhD

Satya P. Kunapuli, PhD

Eric A. Ariazi, PhD * T. Dianne Langford, PhD

Michael Autieri, PhD

Shuxin Li, PhD

Mark Black, PhD

Judith Litvin, PhD

Bettina Buttaro, PhD

Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, PhD

Xiongwen Chen, PhD

Marc Monestier, MD, PhD
Seo-Hee Cho, PhD

Madesh Muniswamy, PhD

Parkson Lee-Gau Chong, PhD

John Muschamp, PhD
Konstantinos Drosatos, PhD Alana O'Reilly, PhD *
Nae Dun, PhD

Hemant Parekh, PhD

Greg H. Enders, MD, PhD * Vickas Patel, MD

Satoru Eguchi, MD, PhD

Stephen Pilder, PhD

John Elrod, PhD Richard Pomerantz, PhD

Arthur M. Feldman, MD, PhD

Steven N. Popoff, PhD

Tanya Ferguson, PhD

A. Koneti Rao, MD

William Foster, MD, PhD

Victor Rizzo, PhD

Gianluca Gallo, PhD Matthew Robinson, PhD *
Stefania Gallucci, MD

Heinrich Roder, PhD *

Ana Gamero, PhD Brad Rothberg, PhD
Glenn S. Gerhard, MD

Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD

Kathleen M. Giangiacomo, PhD

Bassel E. Sawaya, PhD

Lawrence E. Goldfinger, PhD

Michael E. Selzer, MD, PhD
Erica Golemis, PhD * Wen-Hai Shao, PhD
Xavier Grana, PhD Jonathan Soboloff , PhD
Charles Grubmeyer, PhD Scott Shore, PhD
Dale Haines, PhD

Michael A. Sirover, PhD

James Heckman, PhD

George Smith, PhD
Barbara Hoffman, PhD

Young-Jin Son, PhD

Elizabeth Hopper-Borge, PhD *

Dianne Soprano, PhD

Steven Houser, PhD, FAHA

Gareth Thomas, PhD
Wenhui Hu, MD, PhD

Douglas Tilley, PhD

Jian Huang, MD, PhD Alexander Tsygankov, PhD
Eileen Jaffe, PhD *

Hong Wang, MD, PhD

Liselotte Jensen, PhD

Marla R. Wolfson, MS, PhD

Neil Johnson, PhD M. Raza Zaidi, PhD
Shin Kang, PhD Yi Zhang, PhD
Kwang Chul Kim, PhD


Seonhee Kim, PhD  
* Indicates Fox Chase Cancer Center Faculty.  Profiles opens in new window.