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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program



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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program - Cancer Biology and Genetics

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The Cancer Biology and Genetics (CB&G) cluster offers educational and research opportunities in the areas of cancer and the genetic and molecular basis of human disease within the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at Temple University School of Medicine (TUSM). The CB&G cluster provides PhD, MD/PhD and MS students the opportunity to work with faculty from the Fels Research Institute at the School of Medicine and the Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC), as well as basic science and clinical departments at TUSM. The membership of FCCC faculty in the CB&G cluster affords students the opportunity to undertake their research in FCCC laboratories. Students have their choice of numerous research laboratories at both TUSM and FCCC to provide training in Cancer Biology including mechanisms of transformation and tumorigenesis, signal transduction, the cell cycle and DNA repair using novel model systems and other cutting edge techniques. Other investigators studying the genetics and epigenetics of normal and diseased states use state of the art genomic and epigenomic techniques and analyses. In addition to mechanistic studies, CBG investigators are developing novel therapeutics for both the treatment and prevention of cancer and other diseases. Moreover, other CB&G members specialize in Cancer Prevention and Control and Cancer Immunology.


The CB&G cluster curriculum offers two advanced courses—Cancer Biology, and Genetics and Epigenetics.  These courses build upon the concepts students learn in the biomedical science core curriculum. Moreover, this cluster also runs a vigorous Seminar Program with participation of students, faculty, postdoctoral fellows and invited speakers from the scientific community. The educational offerings together with the research opportunities within this cluster will allow interested students to gain the knowledge and research skills to position themselves at the forefront of tomorrow’s efforts to eradicate cancer.



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Mark Andrake, PhD * Richard Katz, PhD *
Eric A. Ariazi, PhD * Vladimir Kolenko, MD, PhD *
Siddharth Balachandran * Warren D. Kruger, PhD *
Alfonso Bellacosa, MD, PhD *

Dan Liebermann, PhD

Jeff Boyd, PhD * Alana O'Reilly, PhD *
Jonathan Chernoff, MD, PhD * Richard Pomerantz, PhD
Margie Clapper, PhD Xuebin Qin, MD, PhD
Denise Connolly, PhD * Matthew Robinson, PhD *
Mohan Doss, PhD * Eric Ross, PhD *
Margret Einarson, PhD * José Russo, MD *
Wafik El-Deiry, MD, PhD

Mahmut Safak, PhD

Greg H. Enders, MD, PhD *

Carmen Sapienza, PhD

Nora Engel, PhD

Scott Shore, PhD

Ana Gamero, PhD

Michael A. Sirover, PhD

Glenn S. Gerhard, MD

Tomasz Skorski, MD, PhD, DSc

Lawrence E. Goldfinger, PhD

Jonathan Soboloff , PhD

Erica Golemis, PhD *

Dianne R. Soprano, PhD

Xavier Grana, PhD

Stephen Sykes, PhD *

Charles Grubmeyer, PhD

Italo Tempera, PhD

Dale Haines, PhD

Joseph Testa, PhD *

Barbara Hoffman, PhD

Martyn K. White, PhD

Elizabeth Hopper-Borge, PhD * David Wiest, PhD *
Jian Huang, MD, PhD

Anthony Yeung, PhD *

Jean-Pierre Issa, MD

M. Raza Zaidi, PhD
Neil Johnson, PhD* Zeng-jie Yang, MD, PhD *
* Indicates Fox Chase Cancer Center Faculty.  Profiles opens in new window.