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Frequently Asked Questions

Although Temple Law School does not require its students to purchase computers, the faculty and administration strongly recommend that each law student have a computer. If you plan to purchase a new computer for law school, there are several questions you may wish to consider. Whether you purchase a notebook or a desktop computer is a matter of personal preference and budget. You should evaluate what you can afford and what your work habits have been and are likely to be in law school, and make your decision accordingly.

Notebook or Desktop

Some students have asked whether they should purchase a notebook or a desktop computer. There are several reasons why you may want to consider purchasing a notebook computer.

- Exams.
Exams. The Law School now allows students to type many of their exams on their own notebook computers. Please note - the exam security software will run only on a computer with Windows or MAC OS based Operating System (OS). Some students prefer to write their exams, and that option still exists; but, if you would like to type your exam answers, you must have your own notebook computer. The Law School's laptop rental program is NOT available for exams. .

- Library.
Library. You can access the wireless network (802.11b/g) throughout the public access areas and most spaces in the law library. Through the wireless network you will be able to access the Temple Law

- Classrooms.
Classrooms. Many students prefer to take their class notes on their notebook computers. Most of the classrooms at Temple are equipped with power sources and wired or wireless access to the Internet

- E-mail/Blackboard.
E-mail/Blackboard. The student e-mail system and Blackboard, the course information system, are both web-based. Although they can be accessed from the computer labs and from desktop computers located throughout the library and student lounges, you may prefer to check this information from your own notebook computer.

Students who are interested in purchasing a computer, but are concerned about the cost, should know that it may be possible to use financial aid funds to cover such a purchase. Students receiving federal or private loans may use a portion of those funds t o cover the cost of a computer. If you are planning to use your loan funds to cover your tuition and living costs, it may be possible for you to borrow additional loan funds for the purchase of a computer. The amount available to borrow will be based on each studentís individual financial aid package; but, in almost all cases, the additional loan funds will be in the form of a private loan. Eligibility for a private loan is based, in part, on a studentís cr edit history. Students with poor or negative credit may have difficulty in securing private loan funds. If you feel that you may not qualify for a private loan, it is recommended that you ascertain your eligibility before purchasing a computer. All requests to borrow additional loan funds to cover the costs of a computer are subject to limits and must be approved by the Law School Financial Aid Office. Please retain a copy of your receipts. You should contact the Financial Aid Office at 215-204- 8943 for more information.

TFor information on recommended computer configuration Click Here

Temple does not endorse any particular manufacturer or vendor. Please ensure that you get a good warranty when you buy a computer. You can then get your computer problems fixed by the manufacturer during the warranty period.

If you purchase a notebook computer and you want to be able to connect to the law school network while you are in the law school buildings, You will receive instructions on the Admitted Student website prior to the start of classes on how to configure your notebook computer with the law school network.

If you have particular questions about using computers at Temple Law School, you should contact Shyam Nair, our Assistant Dean for Computer and Information Services. Shyam can be reached via e-mail at shyam.nair@temple.edu.

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