Bad Dog.  In 1992, Craig Blackwell (he’s the one playing mandolin on the right in the photo below) and I formed the group “Bad Dog” to play original and traditional acoustic rock ‘n roll.  With guitarist George Williamson (and dobro master Fred Travers on one cut) we made a 12-song CD, eponymously entitled “Bad Dog.”  Craig Jenkins (of the Washington DC Citypaper) wrote that we have an "earnest, seemingly artless American folk sound . . twisting the genre in interesting, albeit gentle ways {and} a gift for timeless, ungimmicky songwriting."   Email me if you'd like a copy of the whole CD.


You can download some of the songs here:

                   Doorstep (C. Blackwell)

                   Hallelujah (L. Cohen)

                   Stuck inside of Mobile (B. Dylan)

                   Betsy Likens (D. Post)

                   Strange Beginnings (C.  Blackwell)


I’ve recently started playing out on my own at various bars around Philadelphia [Doc Watson’s, Fergie’s Pub], with a motley collection of old friends in The Dwights, and with drummer Jonathan Lipson in the band “The Zen Cohens.” email me if you’d like to get on my mailing list of upcoming shows.