Write-On Competition

Each year, the Temple University Beasley School of Law holds the Write-On Competition to determine the student membership of its four student-run, scholarly journals: Temple Law Review; Temple Journal of Science, Technology & Environmental Law; Temple International & Comparative Law Journal; and temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review. Each journal has its own selection criteria, but the write-on process is the only way to become a staff member of one of these publications.

The Write-On Competition begins after the last 1L exam and lasts for ten days. To compete in the Write-On Competition, each student must purchase or download a packet of materials and write a ten-page Note discussing and analyzing the selected cases, statutes, and secondary sources. The packet of materials includes all rules, instructions, additional exercises, and forms. Students may not conduct any other research during the competition.

Membership on the Temple Journal of Science, Technology & Environmental Law (TJSTEL) is based upon superior writing ability and academic credentials. TJSTEL requires candidates to have a minimum GPA of 2.75. In addition to receiving two credits for fulfilling editorial duties, all staff editors whose submissions are completed in a timely fashion have the opportunity to be considered for publication in the Journal. Although TJSTEL is a specialized journal, the Journal features a wide variety of legal issues. Many of our past editors have come onto the Journal with no background in science, technology or environmental law, but have developed a strong interest in these areas through their work on the Journal.