SPIN: Summer Funding

Summer Funding with SPIN

SPIN was created to provide its members with summer funding for public interest opportunities which are normally unpaid. SPIN members can obtain such funding through Work Study grants of up to $4,000 per summer. $1,000 of this money must be "Matching Funds" from either the student's employer, state, or law school. Temple Law School has a commitment to supporting public interest work, and therefore offers priority for Matching Funds to students who meet requirements set by the SPIN board. SPIN contributes to this fund but does not control its use.

SPIN Member Requirements: 15+1

The SPIN requirements include completing volunteer work both for SPIN as an organization, and for the Temple and Philadelphia communities. Students must obtain the following Points through volunteering and solicitation for the SPIN Auction.

  • 15: Students must obtain at least 15 Points to qualify for Matching Funds. 5 of those 15 points must be earned by participation in community service work. The remainder of the 15 points may be earned by volunteering for either SPIN activities on-campus or Community Service/Pro Bono opportunities. Points are listed on emails for each volunteering opportunity, and on the Community Service page.
  • 1: Students must participate in at least one solicitation activity for the annual SPIN Auction, such as a phone bank or "Street Team," and must bring in auction items totaling a certain value. There are two ways to reach this total value:
    • Option A: Obtain auction items totaling $750 or over (fair market value)
    • Option B: Obtain auction items totaling $300 or over (fair market value) and complete 5 hours of solicitations (students may solicit in groups of up to 3, pooling their item totals)

Community Service/Pro Bono opportunities are generally 1 pt. / 2 hrs. of individual service, and must be UNPAID and NOT FOR CREDIT. On your summer funding application, you are required to provide a thorough description and contact information for this volunteer work. Pre-approval by the SPIN board is not required.

See the SPIN FAQ and the SPIN Solicitations Training FAQ for more information on this year's requirements. Contact Temple Financial Aid with questions regarding work study eligibility.

SPIN Honors Award

Additionally, SPIN members who fulfill the volunteering and solicitation requirements can apply for a SPIN Honors Award. This award recognizes students for exceptional contributions to SPIN and public interest, and is reviewed and awarded separately from work study. See the SPIN FAQ for more information.

Solicitation Information

Members will need the following packets to solicit auction item donations and log their progress:
SPIN Donor Solicitation Packet
SPIN Student Solicitation Packet
SPIN Solicitations Log
SPIN Solicitation Training Session FAQ