Laurie Evin Shteir
Computer and Information Sciences Department


Cyberspace and Society

Fall 16

CIS 0835.014


Cyberspace and Society Website

Web Site Development Lab 3


Getting Started

Web Site Development Lab 2

Embedding a video

Rollover Navigation Bar / Acme Label Maker Program / Image Gallery

Picture of Joe

Great Video/Tutorial for creating an image gallery

Web Site Development Lab 1

Demo File / Animals /Backgrounds

Image Map/ Filler Text


picture of laurie


For Citing Material

Landmark Citation Machine

Example of a student website

An example of a student video

Magic Garden



Maine Coon Cats - Holly and Lily

Incorporating Technology in Curricula
Community Based Training Programs
Laboratory Education
K-16 Education

picture of store

Sketch of Family General Store

Built in 1868

Story of My mother and family Photos