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Fall 2002 Course Offerings

LAS C050 Perspectives on Latin America
LAS 100 Latin America Through Film and Fiction (LASS)
LAS 129 Politics of Development in Latin America
LAS 130 Democracy in Latin America
LAS 138 Topics in Latino Studies
LAS 139 Topics in Caribbean Studies
LAS 140 Topics in Latin American Studies I
LAS 141 Topics in Latin American Studies II
LAS 145 Other Voices: Blacks, Native Peoples, and Women in L.A. Literature
LAS 148 Puerto Ricans in Philadelphia
LAS 160 Environmental Issues in Latin America
LAS 162 Religion in Latin America
LAS 167 Gender and Society in Latin America
LAS 170 Historical Continuity and Social Change in Latin  America
LAS 189 Indigenous Peoples in Latin America
LAS 302 Contemporary Brazilian Scene
LAS 303 Processes of Change in Latin America
LAS W315 Latin American Studies Seminar

ANTHRO 169 South American Archeology
ANTHRO 260 Native Peoples of South America
ANTHRO 261 Transformation of Traditional Cultures in Latin America
ANTHRO 262 Peoples of the Andes

ECON 220 Economics of Development and Growth

HIST 340 Latin America to 1930
HIST 344 Contemporary Latin America
HIST 345 History of Mexico
HIST 346 Caribbean History
HIST 348 History of Brazil
HIST 349 Argentina and Chile
HIST 350 Topics in Latin American History

JOURN 354 The Press of Latin America

MUSIC 396 Latin American Ensemble
MUSIC 717 Music of the African Diaspora
MUSIC 745 Music of Central and South America
MUSIC 754 Music of the Caribbean

POL SCI 261 Politics of Multinational Corporations

PORT 385 Contemporary Portuguese and Brazilian Literature

REL 158 African Religions and New World Culture

SOC 163 Latin American Development (LASS)

SPAN 230 Spanish-American Culture and Civilization
SPAN 240 Introduction to Spanish American Literature
SPAN 320 Puerto Rican Literature I
SPAN 321 Puerto Rican Literature lI
SPAN 322 20th Century Puerto Rican Authors
SPAN 342 Spanish-American Short Story
SPAN 343
Spanish-American Novel
SPAN 344 Contemporary Spanish-American Fiction
SPAN 345  National Literatures of Spanish-America
SPAN 346 Latin American Poetry
SPAN 351 Latin American Literature of Social Conflict


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