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bITS:Building Information Technology Skills in North Philadelphia 2004-2007

Building Information Technology Skills(bITS) among North Philadelphia Youth is a project funded by theNational Science Foundation, ITEST Program. It involves theparticipation of approximately ninety high school students per yearover a three-year long program. bITS is carried out year round andincludes five hours of instruction each week for twelve weeks eachsemester. In addition, students participate in a summer intensiveworkshop. The research objective of bITS is to assess the viability ofa collaborative model for developing a community geographic informationsystem that draws on the perspectives and experiences of programparticipants.

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Preventing Heart Disease in Underserved Patients - Educational TrainingProgram 2003-2007

This project examinesthe relationship between geographic, social, and networked access toinformation technologies and health outcomes among 400 cardiovasculardisease patients in a comparative study of health care systems inPhiladelphia and rural Pennsylvania.  The project involvesdeveloping and implementing an internet training protocol for patientsin the study. The training addresses the problem of access toinformation technologies through assessing self-efficacy issues relatedto acquiring skills needed to use the internet communication tooldeveloped for the study.  It also analyzes social, demographic,and spatial patterns associated with health outcomes among patients whouse the communication tool. This study is funded by the PennsylvaniaDepartment of Health.

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