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An importantobjective of ITSRG has been to relate sponsored research to place andcommunity contexts in North Philadelphia. We have developed a series ofongoing programs that involve local communities through serving youthand their families with technology learning programs, working withsenior citizens to improve health management using informationtechnologies, and collaborating with community serving organizations toimprove technical support for ongoing educational programs.  Hereis more information about our ongoing and past programs.

Summer Career ExplorationProgram (SCEP)

This program provides campus employement opportunities forcollege-bound high 10-12th grade students. Students participate inworkshops that show the relationship between educational choices andindividual talents to information about careers that involve knowledgeof information and communication technologies. 

Summer Development Institute(SDI)

This program is offered at Edison High School. Its goal is to providesummer school students with an opportunity to learn about the fields ofgeography and planning through project based service-learning. Students gain an understanding of local environments through landscapeanalysis and gain skills and experience in digital photography,cartography and project design.

Harrison Campus Compact (HCC)

HCC is a TempleUniversity work-study program that provides opportunities for graduateand undergraduate students to work in community settings to providetechnology literacy education and support in the context of parnershipprograms with ITSRG.  Our staff consists of several work teamsinvolved in place-based technology training activities.  Wedevelop and implement after school technology educational programs, weprovide one-on-one basic computer training for elderly adults living inNorth Philadelphia, we mentor high school students by sharing ourperspectives and expertise in associating interests and talents witheducational preparation and career pathways. And, we provide technicalassistance such as web design, geographic information systemsdevelopment, and data management for community serving organizationslocated in North Philadelphia. 

Ifyou are interested in joining SCEP, SDI or HCC please contact CatherineBartoli, Program Manager, at 215-204-3596 or We are located in USB 111 on Temple University's Main Campus. Positionsare available for students studying at any Philadelphia area campus.

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