ITSRG - Temple University

Fellows and Staff

CatherineBartoli, bITS Program Manager

Mathew Davis, Community Liason and Community Fellow

Michael Dorn, Assistant Professor of Urban Education and Faculty Fellow

Melissa Gilbert, Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Studies andFaculty Fellow

John Helferty, Associate Professor of Computer and ElectricalEngineering, and Faculty Fellow, Temple University

Kevin Henry, Adjunct Faculty in Geography and Urban Studies andCommunity Fellow

Michele Masucci, Associate Professor of Geography and Director, ITSRG,Temple University

David J. Organ, Assistant Professor of History, Clark AtlantaUniversity and bITS Scholar in Residence

William Santamore, Professor of Medicine in Cardiology and Physiology,Director of the Temple Telemedicine Research Center, and FacultyFellow, Temple Health Sciences Center

Jay Cohen, Director of Delawarevalley.organd Community Fellow

Stacey Danner, Director of Urban Solutions and Community Fellow

Patricia Meoņo, Director Itabo-Multimedia and Community Fellow

Caroline Guigar, Research Assistant and M.A. student in Urban Studies

Michael Rovito, Research Assistant and Ph.D. student in Public Health

111 University Services Building
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone/fax: 215.204.3596

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