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Certification of English Language Fluency for Graduate Teaching Assistants

All graduate students who have received a teaching assistantship award and were required by the Graduate School to submit TOEFL scores for admission must be evaluated and certified for fluency in the English language.

This population includes:

  1. Individuals not born on American soil who were educated at an institution outside the United States, and

  2. U.S. citizens who earned a degree abroad from an institution where the language of instruction was other than English

The certification requirements are not dependent on the types of duties an international TA has been assigned to perform during the period of the award. This means international TAs who have been assigned supplementary activities (e.g. lecture, lab instruction, quizzing) and/or support activities (proctor, grade, tutor) are required to be certified prior to assuming departmental duties.

The exception to this requirement applies to international TAs who will be assigned instructional responsibilities only in courses in which the primary language is not English.


Certification Options and Exemptions

  • The Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT.
    Minimum score required: 28

  • SPEAK test (a modified version of the TSE) administered by Temple's ITA Program.
    Minimum score required: 50
  • Completion of degree at an accredited higher education institution whose primary language of instruction is English.
  • Please note that official documents are required and will be verified.




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