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ITA 5221 Course

ITA 5221 is a 3-credit, graduate course offered Fall and Spring Semester. The course includes information about teaching in US institutions of higher education (e.g., syllabi, instructional formats, as well as legal issues, including sexual harassment and plagiarism). The course assignments and activities also address issues of communicating in American English, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Enrollment is capped at 12-15 students per section. Additional sections will be offered if necessary.


Who needs to enroll?

ITAs who scored:

Below 50 on the SPEAK test


Below 28 on the Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT.

The 3-credits for ITA 5221 should be considered part of the ITA’s total course load. Adding 3 credits to a full disciplinary course load will be unmanageable and may jeopardize the student’s ability to pass the course.

Certification is contingent upon passing ITA 5221. ITAs who do not pass the course, will be required to repeat another semester of ITA 5221. As for the instructional duties of repeating students, a recommendation will be made by the ITA Program to determine whether the ITA should or should not continue/assume instructional duties with direct interaction with students, e.g., teach a course, teach a lab session, proctoring. This recommendation will be based on the ITA's previous level of performance during the training program in conjunction with their performance on the TEACH test.