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More about the ITA Program

The primary mission of the ITA Program is to support Temple University’s commitment to teaching excellence and to linguistic and cultural diversity and to foster a learning environment where undergraduate students can benefit from interaction with International Teaching Assistants.

Teaching Assistants who are not native-speakers of English can take advantage of ITA programs and services to enhance their communicative competence and improve their ability to participate in a variety of instructional roles.

Instructional support is available to all TAs who need assistance to improve their communicative abilities and to deepen their understanding of US classroom culture and practices.

All policy and curricular decisions made in the ITA program are based on ITA research and are consistent with the practices at peer institutions.

All incoming members of the ITA teaching, testing, and administrative staff are trained ITA professionals who have an up-to-date and in-depth understanding of language development, testing, and second language acquisition theories and practices.