Temple University International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services

Resuming your Studies At Temple University

  1. You must contact your original department about readmission.  This office will be unable to issue an I-20 until we have confirmation from your previous department that you are able to resume your full-time degree seeking program.
  2. Apply for a new I-20. If you notified us that you were leaving the U.S. we ended you previous Sevis Record. This means that you need to apply for a new I-20 and probably a new visa. See http://www.temple.edu/isss/pdfs/f1/validityofstudentvisas.htm for details. According to the information at that site your visa, even if it's not expired, is no longer valid if you've been out of the U.S. for more than five months. Contact us at isss@temple.edu if you are coming back in fewer than five months.
  3. In applying for a new I-20 you will need to provide the ISSS with updated financial documentation. See tuition and fees
  4. When we send you the I-20 you will be required to pay the Sevis fee again. See www.fmjfee.com
  5. Apply for a new  entry visa, again see http://www.temple.edu/ois/pdfs/f1/validityofstudentvisas.htm and/or contact your local U.S. consulate or embassy for details.
  6. Re-enter the U.S.
  7. As soon as you re-enter the U.S. you must check in with this office. We will need copies  of your documents and we will need to register your SEVIS record.
  8. Since you will be re-entering the U.S.  with an "initial" I-20, you will be unable to engage in any  off campus employment until you have maintained student status for one academic year.