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International Student and Scholar Services
Current Students - General Status Maintenance                         

It is critical that international students in F-1 Student Status maintain their legal status while in the United States. Students must know and fully comply with the following:

  • DO NOT WORK OFF-CAMPUS UNLESS YOU HAVE, IN YOUR POCESSION, WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION TO DO SO. This authorization will come from USCIS or ISSS, depending on the type of employment authorization you were granted. F-1 students are allowed to work on campus up to 20 hours per week when school is in session
  • You must maintain a valid passport at all times, unless exempt from passport requirements - Contact your embassy with questions regarding extending your passport.
  • You must attend the college/university USICS has authorized you to attend. (The school that issued your I-20)
  • You must complete an official immigration transfer whenever you change educational institutions
  • F-1 students must complete a full course of study (9 credits for graduate students; 12 credits for undergraduates) during normal enrollment periods (Fall & Spring Terms). If you will not be enrolled full-time , you must receive authorization/permission from ISSS in advance. You are not required to register during the summer. Graduate students on assistantship, fellowships, or externships may enroll in six (6) hours to meet requirement, as long as your department allows it - check with your department before you register for fewer than 9 semester hours for the Fall or Spring semester
  • Do not withdraw from any classes without speaking with an international student advisor FIRST. Review the Request for a Reduced Course Load application.
  • You must apply for an extension of your program of study prior to the expiration date on your Form I-20 if you cannot complete your program by that date. F-1 students must complete the ISSS form Extending Your Form I-20
  • You must obtain a new Form I-20 within 15 days of admission upon changing your academic program from one degree level to another (e.g., from Bachelor's to Master's level), one school to another (e.g., from the School of Medicine to the School of Engineering), or one major/field of study to another (e.g., from Chemical Engineering to Physics)
  • Request a new I-20 to reflect a change of major as soon as the change is approved by the University
  • Request a new I-20 to reflect any changes in funding within 15 days of the change
  • You may NOT work in the United States without authorization.
  • All non-immigrants are required to report a change of address or name within 10 days of the event. Currently enrolled F1 students do so by updating their address in TUPortal
  • You must notify ISSS prior to traveling outside the U.S. so that the Form I-20 can be endorsed for travel or a new form can be issued, if required. The signature on your I-20 should have been received within 6 months of your re-entering the U.S. Example: If you are re-entering the U.S. in August 200X, the ISSS signature should be no older than March of the same year
  • Use the General Request Form to request immigration documents for your F2  dependents

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is not exhaustive and is subject to change without notice. International students and Scholars should contact ISSS at 215 204 7708 to arrange an appointment to discuss any questions or concerns related to your legal status in the United States.

To remain up-to-date on changes in U.S. immigration law and/or changes in ISSS policies and/or procedures, to be informed about workshops and training sessions offered by ISSS, and much more, please subscribe to the ISSSe-mail listserv for international students and scholars. To subscribe, you simply need go to http://listserv.temple.edu/archives/tu-intl.html.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this web site, please feel free to contact our office by phone at (215) 204-7708, by FAX at (215) 204-6166, or by e-mail at isss@temple.edu.

Please come in during walk-in hours with any questions.