Temple University International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services
Change of Level

This information is for students who are currently attending Temple University or its Intensive English Language Program.

If you move from one educational level to another (IELP => Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s => Master’s, etc) you must have your I-20 updated to reflect the new level.

You must submit to this office:

  1. General Request form
  2. Acceptance letter  to the new level of study
  3. Financial documentation that will cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. See http://www.temple.edu/isss/home/prospective/TuitionandFees.htm  for acceptable types of financial documentation and a breakdown of tuition  and fees by  TU school.

If you are currently registered or about to complete post completion OPT you must submit your request for a change of level within 60 days of completing your current program OR 60 days of completing OPT.  You must be able to begin the new level of study within five months of completing degree requirements or finishing OPT.

If you are currently on a period of authorized post completion OPT and wish to begin studying at another level of study you must cease any employment upon our registering your I-20 in SEVIS. This will be done upon your registering for classes.   Authorization to engage in optional practical training employment is automatically terminated when the student transfers to another school or begins study at another educational level.

We will generate a new I-20 and you will be informed when it is ready. It generally takes five working days to process.