SFF Information for Students

Each semester, the University asks students to provide feedback about courses and instructors by completing SFFs. Instructors use the feedback to improve their teaching and course materials. Student responses also help instructors and administration make tenure and promotion decisions, as well as other important decisions about how courses are taught at the University. Students should fill out the SFFs thoughtfully at the end of each course. [Policy (02.78.14), Nov. 2002]

Thank you for taking the time to complete your SFFs.


All student feedback is treated seriously and confidentially. To preserve student anonymity, course sections with fewer than five people enrolled are generally not included in the e-SFF system and instructors will not receive a report.

Instructors do not receive feedback about the course until after all grades have been submitted for the semester, and no identifying information is associated with responses in any reports. After grades have been submitted and student evaluation forms processed, instructors receive their SFF reports. This report contains a summary of the rating data and listing of all the comments (anonymously made by the students in the course) to the open-ended questions on the evaluation form.

Completion Instructions

With e-SFFs, students can conveniently provide confidential feedback about their courses and instructors. Shortly before classes end each semester, an email will be sent to instructors and students enrolled in courses included in the online evaluation process. A link to the mobile-friendly e-SFF website will also be posted on TUPortal. Students and instructors can visit the site and monitor the response rate for courses.

SFF Data for Students

Selected information about course and instructor feedback from previous semesters' SFF results are now available to students to aid in their course selection process. Only students who completed all e-SFFs the prior semester and newly matriculated students in their first semester at Temple will have access to view SFF Data for Students. SFF Data for Students is available on TUPortal, under the 'Student Tools' tab.

If you have any questions please contact Gina Calzaferri at gina.calzaferri@temple.edu or (215) 204-8277.