Assessment Resources

TU General Education Student Competencies

Temple provides a range of resources to help faculty and administrators conduct assessment. They include General Education competencies which are the university's standard for undergraduate education and focus on skill development rather than content knowledge.

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Middle States Standards

Temple University is proud to be accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Temple uses the MSCHE standards as guides for optimal growth as the university strives toward future successes that will be even greater than Temple's celebrated present accomplishments.

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For a full explanation and requirements of each standard, read the MSCHE publication, Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education: Requirements of Affiliation and Standards for Accreditation.

University Initiatives

Temple University participates in the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) and provides annually updated data for TU's College Portrait page. College Portrait provides potential students with comparable information about student learning outcomes, as well as campus characteristics, attendance costs, student experiences and success and progress rates for institutions which participate in VSA.

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Temple Resources

Teaching and Learning Center

The TLC promotes the value and practice of excellent teaching, teaching that facilitates student learning and growth. They also provide opportunities for faculty and TAs to reflect on their work, and to share, and learn, from the experience and expertise of their colleagues. By supporting faculty in their work as teachers, their aim is to support the success of Temple's student body and the development of Temple students as scholars and citizens.

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Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA)

IRA provides accurate and cost-effective services to the Temple community in the areas of test development, test selection, test administration, test scoring, statistical analysis, educational research, data entry, and automated data capture.

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Library Resources

The University Libraries has created a resource site that contains articles, books, news and more on assessment of student learning.

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Other Online Resources

Other higher education institutions and organizations have assembled collections of online assessment resources worth sharing.


The following sites host webinars on assessment related issues and other topics in higher education.