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Competence and Confidence Partners in Policymaking (C2P2)

About C2P2

Modeled after Minnesota's Partners in Policymaking, Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking (C2P2) is a leadership development training program designed for individuals with disabilities, parents of young children with disabilities and university graduate students. C2P2 provides up-to-date information, leadership training and skill building. National and local experts teach participants about the local, state and national issues that affect individuals with disabilities.

C2P2 participants make a commitment to attend multiple two-day training sessions during the course of a year. The program selects highly motivated people who represent different ethnic backgrounds and, who for the most part are not already involved in advocacy organizations.

The Institute on Disabilities currently offers three C2P2 programs, targeting different participant groups:

Funded by: The Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council