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Ensuring Higher Education Opportunities for ALL

NOTE: This program was funded from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2012.

Getting the Word Out to Other Colleges and Universities

Important to the work of Ensuring Higher Education Opportunity for All is spreading the word that accessibility and universal design for classroom learning and Disability Studies pedagogical insights and methods will improve the higher education quality and retention rates of students with disabilities.

To accomplish this goal, workshops, posters and conference panels were created and presented at various venues, and a one-day conference was developed and executed, with the project and the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University acting as hosts on the campus of the University. The project has been a subject of presentations at 14 individual conferences in 6 different states, and project staff participated in a week-long, virtual conference. Some of these outreach activities are noted below.

Actual and Planned Activities

Year One

1. Kutztown University: "Disabilities: Empowering Teachers to Empower Students" Art Education Conference, November 2008. Presenter: Professor David Mitchell.

2. Association of University Centers on Disability: Annual Meeting and Conference, November, 2008. Presenters: Professor David Mitchell, Instructor Carol Marfisi, and Professor Mike Dorn.

3. Milan, Italy, Office of Cultural Affairs: "Cinema Senza Barriere (Cinema Without Boundaries)," March 2009. Presenter: Professor David Mitchell.

5. Temple University Teaching/Learning Center: "Excellence in Teaching Using Principles of UDL" April, 2009. Presenter: Professor Diane Nelson Bryen.

Year Two

6. Syracuse University, Syracuse NY 9th Annual Second City Conference on Disability Studies in Education. Panel: "Ensuring Higher Education for ALL" May 2, 2009. Presenters: Ann Keefer, Professor Michael Dorn and Professor Linda Ware.

7. 25th Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities Conference: Honolulu, HI. Breakout Session: "The Multidisciplinary UCEDD." May 5, 2009. Presenters: Professor David Mitchell, Ann Keefer and Brian Zimmerman.

8. Society for Disability Studies Annual Conference 2009: Tucson, AZ. Poster session. Poster: "Ensuring Higher Education Opportunity for ALL" plus 7 1/2 minute, open-captioned clips from 3 Mosaic lectures by Professor David Mitchell, Instructor Carol Marfisi and Professor Diane Nelson Bryen. June 19, 2009 Presenters: Ann Keefer, Brian Zimmerman and Marc Holmes.

9. AUCD Annual Conference 2009: Washington DC. Title of Panel: "Classroom in the UCEDD/ UCEDD in the Classroom." November 10, 2009. Presenters: David Mitchell, Brian Zimmerman, Ann Keefer, Joshua Lukin.

10. Pennsylvania Association of Resources: 2009 Solutions Conference: Stewardship in Action. Harrisburg, PA. Title of panel: "Creating a Multi-Disciplinary UCEDD: Enhancing Higher Education for ALL and Promoting Disability as Diversity." November 17, 2009. Presenters: David Mitchell, Brian Zimmerman, Ann Keefer.

11. Virtual Conference: "What Works in Implementing Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education?" Hosted by National-Louis University. Web page: "Promoting Best Practices through Universal Design for Learning – What Works at Temple University." February 22-26, 2010. Interactive chat room component hosted by Ann Keefer on February 22, 2010.

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12. Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, "Disability Awareness Week" event: "Inclusion in the Classroom: Enhanced Access for All" A two hour workshop on Universal Design for Learning designed for Drexel faculty. April 5, 2010. Presenter: Ann Keefer.

13. 26th Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities, 2010. Honolulu, HI. Title of panel: "Beyond Inclusion: Disability Studies and Curriculum Revision in Higher Education." April 12, 2010. Presenters: David Mitchell, Brian Zimmerman, Ann Keefer

14. Temple University Institute on Disabilities: "Beyond Inclusion: Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities" Conference. June 2, 2010. Presenters: Professor David Mitchell, Brian Zimmerman, Ann Keefer, Professor Linda Ware, Temple University Disability Studies and Mosaic faculty.

15. 2010 AHEAD/PEPNet Annual Conference. Denver, CO. US Department of Education Demonstration Projects Poster Session. July 15, 2010. Presenter: Ann Keefer.

Year 3

16. Association of University Centers on Disabilities 2010 Annual Meeting and Conference. November 1, 2010. Title of panel: "Scaling Up Success: Infusing Disability into Higher Education at Temple University." Presenters: Ann Keefer, Instructor Carol Marfisi, Professor Diane Nelson Bryen.



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