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Environmental Access for Individuals with Significant Spinal Cord Injuries


consumer and techniciansThe Environmental Access for Individuals with Significant Spinal Cord Injuries program provides one-on-one demonstrations of equipment designed to assist people who have limited movement due to spinal cord injury to function independently in their home, office and community.

This cutting edge technology allows individuals who are otherwise unable to turn on the lights, for example, or use the television remote control or change the temperature in their home, to control these devices without using their hands.

Once a demonstration has been conducted, a short-term loan can be arranged so the user can test the equipment and technology before making the decision to purchase.


Speak 4-Use Environmental Control Software - Allows user to controls devices and technology throughout the home by speaking commands into a personal computer. This includes answering the telephone, turning electrical devices on and off and performing other tasks.

Tobii PCEye eye control unit - easy to use, stand-alone eye control device that can be used with most personal computers. Quick set up, highly accurate and provides total control of the computer using only eye gaze.

How to Schedule a Demonstration

Equipment demonstrations can be conducted at mutually agreed-upon location (including in the home) and date and time. A subsequent loan of available equipment may be arranged.

For more information and to schedule a demonstration, contact
Voice: 800-204-PIAT (7428), in state
TTY: 866-268-0579, in state
Voice: 215-204-1356
TTY: 215-204-1805 Email:

Funded by Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.

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