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A speech synthesizing device

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A speech synthesizing device Ceasar works with ACES instructor Michael gets it right again Michael doing classwork with AAC device Ceasar in class Tuttleman Learning Center Tuttleman Learning Center Tuttleman Learning Center Student Activity Center Tuttleman Learning Center Jeni gathers family, friends-ACES graduation Dr. Bryen acknowledges Rosangela Boyd, ACES coordinator Dr. Boyd says a few words of thanks Priscilla Danielson, new ACES coordinator Vulf Rakhman, ACES staff member Martell makes his graduation speech Jeni makes her graduation speech Anna makes her graduation speech Lori makes her graducation speech Willie's family presents a cake Ceasar makes his graduation speech ACES 2006 graduation class Dr. Bryen, Bob Williams present Free Speech Now Award to Colin Portnuff Willie, family, friends together 2005 graduate Kathleen Curcio, Roseangela, Priscilla
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