Take Survey - Help Inform Emergency Planning

May 2014, revised June 2014

Temple University's Department of Public Health and the Institute on Disabilities are conducting research about emergencies and disasters. Our goal is to help emergency managers and people with disabilities work together when they are creating plans for emergencies. We would like to know about your experiences as people with intellectual and developmental disabilities or their family members and caregivers, so that we can assist Pennsylvania in making sure that everyone is equally prepared and their needs addressed before, during, and after emergencies. Your experiences are critical in helping us achieve this goal. This survey is for people who are 18 years and older and who are residents of Pennsylvania. Please follow the link below to take a short (20-25 minute) survey.

The survey is now closed. (Survey link has been removed.)

Your computer screen reader, if you use one, will be able to read the survey to you. If you have any difficulties completing the survey on line, contact Jamie Prioli, Assistive Technology Specialist at the Institute on Disabilities, 215-204-5974 (voice), 215-204-1805 (TTY) or via email at

Please feel free to forward this email.

Thank you!

This survey is part of a project funded by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

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