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PALOMA is focused on providing professional development and support to its members. Given the challenges of engaging in diversity issues in higher education, it's vital that professionals network to provide insight, ideas and inspiration to each other.

PALOMA provides a network of mentors with varied skills, experiences and talents to assist new (and advanced) colleagues achieve success in their positions and life. Seasoned professionals meet those who are new to their positions or the field to provide an understanding of best practices in the field, share models for training and programming, ,  assist in problem-solving with difficult situations, and develop strategies for achieve career and professional goals.

PALOMA provides mentors throughout each region. Regional Mentors are members who work collaboratively with the Regional Representative to provide mentorship to new and mid-career professionals for one of the three regions in the state. Any member with two or more years of professional experience can serve as a mentor.Regional mentors will:

  • Attend a special reception of mentors and mentees at the annual statewide conference.
  • Communicate with mentees (in person, by phone, or email) monthly to address any concerns or issues.
  • If so desired, provide coaching, as well as address any learning curves which could negatively impact the performance and formal evaluation of the mentee.
  • Hold informal meetings and get-togethers with other mentors and mentees within the region.



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Monthly Networking Meetings with Colleagues

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Student Retreats