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Date: July 16-18, 2014

Location: Temple University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




The PALOMA Conference on-campus housing will be offered in Morgan Hall. Morgan Hall opened in the fall of 2013 and is considered one of the premier university housing complexes in the region. Morgan Hall includes in a combination of singles, four-bed and five-bed apartment-suites, arranged in a series of neighborhoods supported by glass-enclosed lounges. The site is comprised of three buildings surrounding an elevated 30,000 square foot terrace, which provides extensive landscaping, and green space.

The PALOMA Conference attendees will reside in Morgan Hall North, which is a high-rise tower that includes 24-floors of residential space, while the adjacent midrise structure (Morgan Hall South) consists of nine residential floors offering generous views of the campus, center city, and the plush green terrace, in addition to providing extensive natural light into all interior spaces of the buildings.

For those staying on-campus for the conference, please enter Morgan Hall North from Cecil B. Moore Avenue (between Broad Street and Park Avenue).  You will have to enter Morgan Hall North by walking up the ramp into the interior of the complex. The summer conference housing staff will check you into your room and provide you with a room key and building access card that must be returned during the check out process.

Conference attendees staying in Morgan will reside in a two-bedroom suite, which include two bathrooms and a kitchen, with one roommate from PALOMA. While sharing a suite, each person will have his or her own bedroom. We have included linen service for each room, offering sheets, towels, washcloth, blanket and pillow.

Keys/Access Cards: Each individual shall be responsible for all keys and/or building access cards issued. If all keys and/or building access cards are not returned at the expiration of the period specified herein, residence will charged $100.00 per lost key and $25.00 per lost access card.

No smoking: In the interest of protecting the health and well-being of the entire Temple community, Temple is committed to providing a smoke-free environment for all students, clients, faculty, administrators, staff and visitors. Smoking is not permitted whatsoever within any Temple building, including all areas of all residence facilities. This policy will be enforced according to established Temple policies and procedures.

No firearms: PALOMA prohibits its participants from possessing firearms on Temple property. Any person found in possession of a firearm anywhere on Temple’s campus or facilities will be in violation of their Summer Conference Agreement and such person’s right to occupy Temple’s facilities will be immediately revoked.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

11am-6pm Room Check-In - Morgan Hall South (1601 N. Broad Street. Enter Morgan on Cecil B. Moore Avenue)

Friday, July 18, 2014

1:30-2:30pm Room Check-Out

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