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PALOMA is governed by a statewide board with representatives from across the state. Within the statewide, PALOMA is organized into three regions: East, Central and West.

Each of the three statewide regions will be comprised of PALOMA Chapters. A chapter is defined as four (4) or more representatives from higher education institutions who agree to collaborate in the formation of a chapter and work to achieve the mission and objectives of PALOMA. In order to establish a chapter, at least four (4) of the Chapter Affiliate institutions must be within a fifty (50) mile radius of each other. Ideally, each Chapter Affiliate will be formed among institutions within the same region; however, a Chapter may include institutions outside of the region.


In order to establish a Chapter, the collaborating institutions must complete a Chapter Membership Form and submit it to the Regional Director. The Regional Director will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors that the Chapter be allowed to affiliate with the Association or be denied affiliation. The Board of Directors will vote on a Chapter application during a regularly scheduled meeting.




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Monthly Networking Meetings with Colleagues

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Student Retreats