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There shall be five categories of individual membership:  


  • Professional: Individuals who are actively engaged in the administration, instruction, or general operation of an institution of higher education within the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Institutional: Available to higher education institutions, agencies, or organizations affiliated with post secondary education.
  • Associate: Those persons who consistently provide consultative services, training, and programming to higher education institutions.
  • Retired: Limited to persons who have held active membership in PALOMA and have retired or otherwise terminated active employment.
  • Pre-Professional: Those persons who are enrolled in areas of study or serve in a leadership position as an undergraduate or graduate student and is working toward a career in higher education related to multicultural affairs. Pre-Professional members must be sponsored by a Professional member of PALOMA.

Institutional Memberships

Membership Fees

Membership Application



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Monthly Networking Meetings with Colleagues

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Student Retreats