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Thank you for joining us for the PA-NAME Multicultural Education Symposia!  We are delighted to have you participate in this discussion.  Here are a few tips for attending this session online:

On or around 4pm on the day of the event, please click on the link provided specifically for this webcast.  You can go to for the link to the latest symposia event.

 You will use a guest login by providing your name.  Once logged in, you will note two chat sessions in progress.  The first session allows you to participate in the discussion in real time.  In addition to chatting with online participants, your comments will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen for all present to read.  Should you encounter any problems, a second chat session is available.  A dedicated staff person will help you to resolve the issue.

We welcome your contributions and look forward to engaging in a thoughtful dialogue about this important topic!

For more information, call 215-204-5509 or e-mail