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Peace Wall
Title: "Peace Wall" Artist: Jane Golden & Peter Pagast, Photographer: Jack Ramsdale Disclaimer

Graduate Certificate in Diversity LEADERSHIP

Advancing Multicultural, Intercultural, and Intergroup Relations

through Dialogue and Action


}Participating in this course has given me an additional lens or scope from which I can judge my engagements/interactions/relationships with individuals and groups. It has provided/affirmed my own facilitation style and assisted me in dismissing my own notions that I had to be the "all knowing - Know-IT-ALL-EXPERT" in order for me to assist groups with their development.
}The experience of the program was literally transformative. Not only did I get a better, more intimate understanding of the Other - whether of a different race, gender, age or experience through honest, authentic dialogues with my course mates, I also developed a new, expanded consciousness. My view of human motivations, what constitutes conflict and violence completely changed. As a result, the way I engage with others in my life and work is more attuned, perceptive and cooperative than ever before.
}The course helped me gain new self-awareness around my interpersonal skills and around issues of diversity.
}I am a more proficient, self-aware, and effective facilitator. I've learned new and more effective strategies, skills and techniques to engage others in a dialogue.
}It provided me with a new perspective on how to engage with others on difficult issues.
}I've done participated in and provided diversity training for over 20 years and I found this to be truly transformational. It really gets at what impedes diverse individuals from working and living together.
}I developed a deeper understanding of my own role at work, in school, in my family, and in my community overall and a more nuanced understanding of how to engage in productive conflict with a diversity of folks.
}I have a much keener understanding of myself and others who are different from me. Because I know my own fears, "violence," and reactions I am less likely to ascribe them or project them onto others and so can more easily enter into genuine dialogue with others. I can't put what I have learned into just a few words; it gives a whole new meaning to "academic" work, because any readings are so interwoven with and expand what I have learned from experience. This work is truly one of the most memorable and meaningful learning experiences of my life. I have learned to look for, see and connect with others as human beings -- not perfect, just human. I have learned to be more honest and truthful, in a loving way and I have learned new meanings and approaches to collaboration.
}The course gave me a theory and practice for facilitating dialogue about diversity. I've been teaching race studies for years, without knowledge of how to create trust, the kind of trust needed for true dialogue. I also gained greater self awareness -- about fears that impact how I interact, biases and assumptions that I harbor. Finally, my relationships with colleagues in the university have been deepened by the honesty and depth of interactions.