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"Common Thread"
"Common Threads": Photography: Jack Ramsdale Artist: Meg Saligman Disclaimer


At Temple we believe that diversity is not just a concept for undergraduate and graduate admission. For us, diversity is not a noun, but a living breathing catalytic verb. It is not just an attainable goal, but also an enlightened state of being. It is the essence of our resolve and therefore must be clearly identifiable within our faculty.

To that end we welcome scholars from diverse thoughts and backgrounds with the understanding that together through our differences we will find common ground, and we will forge unimaginable ties as we recognize our human frailties and become the change we wish to see in the world.

The primary responsibility of the Director of Recruitment and Retention is to support the work of the Provost, Deans and faculty search committees as they recruit life learners who have a commitment to vigorous research, outstanding scholarship and excellence in teaching. While Temple is an amazing community, it is not the right place for everyone. It is critical that each faculty member understand our mission and our passion for diversity.

The second responsibility associated with this position is to ensure that Temple provides a welcoming environment where active scholars can advance through tenure and promotion. That responsibility includes the removal of any institutional hurdles that might prevent or delay the advancement of women and faculty of color and the creation of arenas and opportunities where people of like thought can converse, collaborate and be collegial.