Temple University Women of Color


Women of Color Meeting

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Designed for women across ethnicities, Temple University Women of Color (TU-WoC) provides a place for women to engage on topical and relevant issues of the day within a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.  Open to Temple University women, TU-WoC fosters a much-needed support system for women working in the academy as staff members, administration, and faculty.  TU-WoC sponsors networking opportunities for women who may experience a sense of isolation and lack of affirmation in the University community.  TU-WoC is a “think tank” and “center without walls” where women not only learn more than survival skills for working in academic settings; but also where women can build community through professional development, “connectiveness,” and mentoring.  TU-WoC supports opportunities for social networking and shared cultural engagement and expression.

TU-WoC offers opportunities for scholarly, synergistic, and organic “Sister Circles” through activities including:

  • Brown Bags (Women with Purpose)
  • Cross-Cultural events
  • Book Club (Women of Dimensions)
  • Special Projects

TU-WoC seeks to engage, enrich, and broaden our understanding and awareness of diversity through shared experiences as women, regardless of culture, religious beliefs, or vocation. TU-WOC is open to any and all individuals who share our mission.

TU-WoC Timeline:

  • Men of Color dialogue group convenes in the fall of 2008
  • Discussions begin in summer of 2009 regarding a similar event for Women of Color
  • First annual Women of Color Networking reception held on September 16, 2009
  • Nearly 100 women attend the reception.  In brainstorming session ideas offered included brown bag series, book club, networking, health issues, cultural exchanges,  mentoring to undergrads, and a number of other ideas.
  • Steering Committee formed
  • First Steering Committee Meeting held on January 21, 2010
  • Subcommittees formed
    • Book club (Women of Dimensions)
    • Brown Bag (Women of Purpose)
    • Scholarship Committee
    • Financial Affairs Committee
    • April 2010 – Activities Begin
    • Additional committees formed include Special Events and Fundraising