Health Insurance Information - Medical & Podiatric Students

The University requires you to have health insurance while attending Temple University.

Health Insurance Requirement for New and Returning Students:

Enroll in one of the University sponsored plans or purchase outside coverage each academic year during the open enrollment period. (Plan Options & Premium Rate)
If outside coverage is purchased you must complete a Certification of Outside coverage form each academic year during the open enrollment period via TUportal .
Semester Open Enrollment Period Coverage Effective Coverage Period Monthly Premium (Bill) Due
Fall August - September September 1st, 2020 12 months 1st of the Month

Complete a Waiver of health insurance/Purchased outside coverage or Enroll in one of the University sponsored plans:

TUportal - Home tab
Next Steps Channel - Things you need to do
Waive or Enroll in a health insurance plan
To Waive the University's student health insurance, complete the Certification of Health Insurance form
To Enroll in one of the University's sponsored health insurance plans, complete the Student Health Insurance enrollment application form

Blue Cross Monthly Premiums:

Monthly bills will be issued to you and mailed to the address you provided during the enrollment process. You are responsible for paying the monthly premium directly to Blue Cross

Plan Rates
Monthly premium(s) for the University Student Insurance plan - Click here

Loss of Outside Coverage:

If you lose your outside coverage for any reason you must contact the Benefits office immediately to enroll in a plan.

Student Accident Insurance:

All Medical and upper-class Podiatric students are automatically enrolled in a student accident insurance policy.

Medical School Disability Insurance:

All Medical Students are automatically enrolled in a student disability insurance policy

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updated: 07/27/2020
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