Health Insurance Information - International Students (F1 and J1 Visa Status)

Temple University requires all international students in Non-immigrant Student (F1 or J1) status maintain health insurance that meets certain minimum standards as determined by the United States Department of State.

The minimum health insurance coverage as determined by the Department of State is as follows:

You have the following options for insurance:

Enroll in one (1) of three (3) University sponsored plans or purchase outside coverage each September during the open enrollment period.


If outside coverage is purchased, you must complete a Certification of Outside Health Insurance form via TUPortal during the open enrollment periods.

Open Enrollment Period Coverage Effective Coverage Period Monthly Premium (Bill) Due
January - February January 1, 2018 8 Months 1st of the Month
August - September September 1, 2017 12 months 1st of the Month

Failure to complete the Health Insurance Requirement during the open enrollment period:

May result in a hold put on your academic account
If a hold is put on your account you will be required to provide proof of outside coverage to the Office of International Affairs to have the hold removed.
Enroll in one of the University sponsored plans via the Blue Cross portal
Plan options and premium rates are available on the student health insurance website and the Blue Cross portal
Waived/Purchased Outside Coverage:
Complete a Certification of Outside Coverage form via the TUportal

Blue Cross Monthly Premiums:

Monthly bills will be issued to the address you provide during the enrollment process
You are responsible for paying the premium directly to Blue Cross

Lose of Coverage:

If you lose your outside coverage for any reason you must contact the Benefits office immediately to enroll in a plan


Contact Market Abey at 215-926-2279 (7-2279)
E-mail at

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updated: 04/11/2018
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