Eligible Pre-65 (Non-Medicare) Retiree Benefits


Medical Benefits

If you are eligible for retiree benefits but not yet eligible for Medicare, Temple University offers a Personal Choice PPO plan through Independence Blue Cross.

Personal Choice is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which allows you the freedom of choice to choose doctors and hospitals around the world through the BlueCard Worldwide Program. Eligible Pre-65 Retirees may choose in-network or out-of-network providers.  Your out-of-pocket expense will be lower when you choose in-network providers.

The link below will provide you with detailed benefits summaries. If you have other questions about the benefit please contact Independence Blue Cross at 1-800-ASK-BLUE (1-800-275-2583) or visit the Independence Blue Cross website at www.ibx.com

General information about Independence Blue Cross is available on their web site at www.ibx.com

Prescription Drug Benefit

Eligible Pre-65 (non-Medicare) Retirees are provided prescription drug coverage through CVS/Caremark.

You pay 10% of the cost of generic drugs, 20% of the cost of preferred brand name drugs and 30% of the cost of non-preferred brand name drugs.

Where purchased

Plan pays

You pay




Non-Preferred Brand

Preferred Brand


Retail Pharmacy







Mail order

3 months supply for 2 months payment
3 months supply for 2 months co-payment

For detailed information on the Prescription Drug Plan, click here

To contact CVS Caremark customer service with any questions you have about the benefits, you may call 1-800-966-5772, or visit the web site at www.caremark.com.

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