Regular Adjunct Faculty Benefits / Frequently Asked Questions


Who is considered a “regular” adjunct faculty member?
For the purpose of benefit eligibility, “regular” adjunct faculty members are classified as follows:

  • Faculty appointed to teach two courses a semester for four consecutive semesters; or, in the case of clinical or basic science faculty, those faculty members working on a calendar year basis, appointed to work three or more days a week. These faculty members are eligible for a 50% subsidy of single health insurance coverage as well as an array of voluntary benefits.
  • Faculty appointed to teach one course a semester for four consecutive semesters; or, faculty appointed to teach one or two courses every fall or every spring semester for three consecutive years. These faculty members are eligible for a 25% subsidy of single health insurance coverage as well as an array of voluntary benefits.

A regular adjunct faculty member’s eligibility for a health insurance subsidy will cease when their classification status with Temple University changes.

What health insurance plan does Temple offer its regular adjunct faculty?
The medical plan is Personal Choice, a Preferred Provider Plan, insured by Independence Blue Cross. Personal Choice gives freedom of choice by allowing employees to choose their own doctors and hospitals. Coverage is maximized if the provider is in the Personal Choice network. Regular adjunct faculty do not need to enroll with a primary care physician and do not need a referral to see a specialist.

A regular adjunct faculty member purchasing health insurance through Temple can elect family coverage, provided he/she pays 100% of the additional charge for such coverage.

Does the plan provide prescription or dental coverage?

No. The plan is medical insurance only and does not cover prescriptions, dental or vision care.

What is the cost of this plan?
The University will contribute 25% or 50% towards the cost of single coverage. The amount of subsidy provided will be based on the adjunct faculty member’s course load or work schedule. Please click here to view the rate chart.

What are the co-pay costs for this plan?
The co-pay for an in-network doctor’s visit is $20 for a primary care visit and $40 for a specialist visit. Inpatient hospitalization is covered with a $150 per day co-pay, to a maximum of 5 days. Please click here to view a summary of benefits.

What if I have pre-existing conditions?
You are still eligible for coverage. The health insurance plan being offered has no pre-existing condition clauses and no medical underwriting conditions.

Can I pay for my health insurance plan through payroll deduction?
No. Because of the irregularity of adjunct faculty compensation, the use of payroll deduction is not available.

When can I enroll in the Personal Choice plan?
Eligible regular adjunct faculty may enroll in the medical plan within 31 days of their appointment date. Coverage will be effective the first of the month following enrollment.

How do I enroll in the Personal Choice plan?
Please click here to download an enrollment form. Completed forms should be returned to the Benefits Office.

What voluntary benefits are available?
There is an array of voluntary benefits available through a variety of vendors for regular adjunct faculty members to utilize. These include auto and homeowners insurance discounts; automobile rental discounts; cellular service discounts; health club discounts; identity theft protection; discounted pet insurance; and travel assistance. Regular adjunct faculty members may enroll in voluntary benefits at any time. Please click here for more information on these benefits.

Who can I contact with questions?
Contact Lisa Chambliss in the Benefits Office at 215-926-2283, or email us at


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