Cost Savings Suggestion Box

Like all colleges and universities, Temple is facing tough choices when it comes to dealing with the economic downturn. President Ann Weaver Hart has outlined a plan for meeting the budget demands, available at

The university has created an online suggestion box for cost-saving ideas from students, staff and faculty. Located on the TUportal, the suggestion box provides an avenue through which the entire Temple community can contribute their ideas as we continue to face challenging economic times. To access the suggestion box, log in to the TUportal at

This page contains comments posted by members of the Temple University community pertaining to suggestions that that can help us cut costs and/or improve efficiency.

We have already received many constructive suggestions.

The suggestions focused on :

  • improving the quality of working conditions and campus life;
  • eliminating inefficiencies, waste or duplication;
  • saving money, resources or time; and
  • streamlining administrative procedures and operating methods

You may read them by selecting from the following categories.

"We look forward to getting suggestions from all around the Temple community,” said Deborah Hartnett, Vice President of Human Resources.







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